Hi, Gordon, what a nightmare! There are cited documents if you search for "steroid induced dermatitis." As a mentor to many , I know they also seek out and get better at unfamilar subjects to help patients...;-). lol! thanks for reading, cheers nell. My friend, you describe this very well and I learn much from you. One night in 1996, I had to go to casualty as the skin on my legs and arms was actually bursting when I moved. This is a step in the right direction as International Topical Steroid Awareness Network has encouraged NEA to seek out a safer eczema treatment and it looks like they finally are! It definitely is an amazing product. However, I'm going to pass her this hub and let her read your tips in order to prevent it, if not to completely stop it. Your doctor should review your skin care routine. It came and went but each bout was worse than the one before. Eczema is long-lasting with periodic flare-ups, and may be accompanied by asthma or hay fever. Vaseline, or any other paraffin-based product is best. Thanks jseven, the ones I used are purely a one off, but thanks for the warning. You can get medicines for eczema readily available at the market. Bath or shower, leave water on your skin and then soaked them in moisturizer. I will check it out. Also have you tried diet- it is not that well known that Gluten found in wheat can cause a skin disease that is similar to exzema. :). It looked like dandruff and it was super embarrassing. Eczema treatment (CMB.Herbal Oil) This CMB Herbal Oil is really good to cure your skin deases problem specially in Eczema and Alipunga Diana Grant from London on June 28, 2013: I only developed eczema in my seventieth decade, rather surprisingly, but, although my doctor didn't mention it, a friend told me that it is not unusual for people with type 2 diabetes to develop eczema on the legs. Boil 3 cups of chopped leaves in one gallon of water for 10 minutes. It’s been said that eczema is the “itch that rashes” — first you itch, then you scratch, and the next thing you know, you’ve got a red, weepy rash. For all treatments, be sure to consult with your healthcare provider to weigh the benefits vs. the … I was advised to simultaneously take zinc and vitamin C tablets daily. Always make sure that your house has good air flow. All of my old techniques helped a bit, but then I hit the jackpot! Aloe vera gel is derived from … Nell Rose (author) from England on February 27, 2012: Hi, b. Malin, thanks so much, I suppose not everyone who gets asthma will get eczema, but I believe lots of us do, it can be a pain, especially in the summer, its just this time it really is being annoying, hopefully I will get it sorted out when I see the Doctor, thanks as always, nell, Hi, Minnetonka, that's great news! Maybe he is thinking of his mother and what news ppl did to her. prasetio30 from malang-indonesia on February 26, 2012: This was complete information about eczema. I wonder if I can buy this steroid cream in the Philippiens? it can make it worse, get something to keep you regular and it totally helps too! I have slathered myself in cocoa butter and this year I am trying Nivea. Betnovate-C (steroid ointment) which should be sparingly applied twice a day. Other treatments include topical pimecrolimus or tacrolimus for eczema in sensitive sites not responding to simpler treatment, antihistamines for severe itching, bandages or special body suits to allow the body to heal underneath, or more powerful treatments offered by a … I haven't had time to go see my doctor yet but have been using various creams from the chemist's with varying degrees of success. I am still in withdrawal after 36 months of no steroid creams and trying to regain my life again. I am 61 months off topical steroids and my skin is the best it has ever been! Tried: Corn Husker's glycerine, Palmer's Cocoa Butter, Aloe Vera Gel, lidocaine spray, Vitamen E oil lotion and capsules, Gotu Kola, Polypodium Leucotomos Extract, Vitamen B3, coconut oil, Nivea souffle, habanero hot sauce, 100 spray SPF sunblock, and have stayed out of the sun completely for 8 weeks,installed ion exchange soft water shower stick, epsom bath with Almond oil. As you rightly say, if it happens in you hand - fingers, nail beds and folds between fingers it is usually a type called Contact dermatitis and could be due to washing up liquid and other detergents. Use this moisturizer right after you get out of the shower, before you dry off – … Thank you very much. Use a mild soap or soap substitute that won't dry your skin. It was quickly arranged for me to be admitted to a specialist dermatological unit at a different hospital the following day. In fact, people with severe cases can benefit from ultraviolet ray treatments. I have asthma, but luckily I've never experienced eczema yet. I am not referring to eating it, but the kind that is in some lotions. Your doctor may recommend treatments available for purchase at your local drug store, including gentle cleansers, mild corticosteroids, moisturizers, petroleum jelly, mineral oil or tar-based products. I would like to share this theory and ask for feedback from others regarding it. I am so glad your eczema is better, it is a pain isn't it? I've seen hundreds of others in my same boat who used steroid creams like over -the-counter hydrocortisone who also got addicted to it in a short time of 3 months off and on use. Curel Hydra Therapy. The medical term for eczema is atopic dermatitis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency. Having an eczema flare out of the blue is common and can happen despite your best efforts. I only use safe products now like organic coconut oil, shea butter, neem lotion, hemp lotion and others like it. Maria Cecilia from Philippines on August 03, 2012: Hi Nell Cortizan is a brand name of an ointment that contains cortisone or steroid... so far it's ok making the affected area thin and calm. wearing thin gloves helps. Just my opinion... Nell Rose (author) from England on September 18, 2012: Hi Jackie, yes Di and Charles were so distant with each other, even at the beginning. I am so happy for you that your eczema was cleaned up. I even tried showering to see if that made a difference. Very, very Informative Hub Nell. Nell Rose (author) from England on July 19, 2012: Hi Maria, I hope you can buy it, the only thing is that it will be a weaker substance than what you can buy at the doctors. For some reason, it affected my legs last summer. As it is, I have to be careful not to use products that contain fragrance or chemical substances. how can i heal eczema desease it will be cancer???? just really moisturising is working but it does need a boost on my legs, thank you! This was not the case. Mainly used to treat wet areas of skin and is … Dry atmospheres trigger eczema. I know that was a horrible pill to swallow and whatever she did to get even wasn't enough. I have patches on my face and neck on and off. Jackie Lynnley from the beautiful south on September 18, 2012: Oh, Diana loved Charles but you can look back and see the puzzlement she had not knowing then he loved another. Dont have time for an actual bath? Nell Rose (author) from England on June 28, 2013: Hi Diana, sorry to hear that you suffer from eczema, I know how itchy and horrible it is, the steroid cream was perfect for me and I also use non perfume cream in between, hope yours stops soon, and maybe getting out in the sun for a while will help, it does for me, thanks so much for reading, nell. I didn't notice at first, and it just seemed to be slightly itchy and red. I have always suffered from asthma ever since I was a small child, and as anybody knows, where there is asthma, there is sometimes eczema. I hope you're healed soon! I’d recommend foderma serum to anyone with eczema or psoriasis. I did not like anything on my face and eventually did not use anything on most of my body except my legs. inevitablesecrets from California on February 24, 2012: Thanks so much for all of your info. I'm glad that you finally found some things that work. At the moment my legs are Eczema free. I read that Doctors only learned a small bit about eczema, but you are right they do seek out more information as they get more experienced, I will go and see the Dr. next week to make sure I get the right cream, thanks for reading, cheers nell. Eczema Treatment. Nell Rose (author) from England on February 25, 2012: Hi, inevitable, it certainly sounds like eczema, good luck with the tips, I hope it clears up for you, thanks nell, Hi, Docmo, thanks for reading, eczema is such an awkward thing to deal with, one cream works, the other doesn't, and yes psoriasis could well be part of the problem. Dermatitis Treatment prices from ₱1000 - Enquire for a fast quote. I just have been watching Kate and Will and she seems to be holding up better than him, he seems really disturbed by it. Thank you for the info. It must be a wheat allergy!! Nell is a trained psychologist who writes about personal health problems. Year 1:blamed on Off! That would burst my bubble. Thanks so much Sue, glad you liked it, cheers nell, Hi, pras, thank you so much, it can be so painful, but eczema is not that easy to treat, as it just keeps irritating the skin, appreciated the rate, and thanks as always, nell. Now trying active live probiotics (has to be refrigerated) Yesterday no itch, and today for the first time in nearly a whole month went shopping. It's common in children but can occur at any age. Continue to share. I underwent allergy testing, with patches containing test substances taped to my back a week at a time to test for a reaction - inconclusive. No, do not even think of Elica, its a topical steroid and using it for too long may lead to a skin condition 100x worse than eczema. Although most of us are familiar with the term pH, not many really understand its full significance. Your email address will not be published. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. Gordon Hamilton from Wishaw, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom on April 16, 2012: I eventually had to go and see the doctor a couple of weeks ago. Often occurs after skin injury. This may sound obvious, but I must admit to ignoring the lower parts of my legs in the winter! Ben Steele CC BY-SA 3.0 Avoiding likely sources of irritation (triggers) 2. When he said whatever love is...that was so sad and forever burned in my memory. I have luckily never used that Aqueous cream you mentioned. Very useful information for those suffering from eczema. It is a very common condition and can be triggered by a number of things. Purple, dark pigmentation often on the legs. The cream will soothe irritated skin and give it a blast of moisture to help prevent dryness. More and more every day! Irritation at the site of contact with the trigger. Nell Rose (author) from England on April 09, 2014: Thanks ptosis, I never knew that about 'The Sewers' Wow! Here’s how it works: When your body metabolizes food it leaves a residue. good luck and let me know how you got on? How many times per day did you have to apply Sudocrem? Thanks arra, anything that helps is great! This summer, I gave up wheat, and coincidentally, it started healing! try Dermovate clobetasol ointment it works for me me all the time. A month ago, I took her to a skin specialist and she was prescribed some protopic ointment and antibiotics. Eczema Returns on 13 Yr Old Boy, Eczema Cured Again with 2014 Eczema Cure Protocol; My Boy Now 12 is Eczema Cured – is on Paleo Diet – found to have an Authentic Rice Allergy; Psoriasis Treatment Improvement with Raw Garlic Everyday; Child Eczema Cure: Intestine Crisis II … I am a fellow eczema sufferer from Canada. Understanding pH for Skin Care. I started to use it on my scalp and also on my back (where my eczema was the worst) it started to clear up within a week. Please be cautious, folks. Evidently, aqueous cream is made as an alternative to soap! Hmm was sure I commented on this, but guess not. This is most often conveniently performed by placing the affected body part in front of a fan after the compress. Thank you Nell. The pigmentation of the affected skin is darker, even purplish. Atopic dermatitis is long lasting (chronic) and tends to flare periodically. Who would have thought? The main goal of treatment is to eliminate the itching which provokes or worsens the other symptoms and causes the most discomfort. Nell Rose (author) from England on June 12, 2017: Thanks Sherika, that's great that you found something that works! If you do not treat eczema, it can make you so uncomfortable. Nell, I am sure a lot of persons will benefit from this informative hub. Thanks Peter, I will take a look at your link, thanks! I searched right away on google for relief and purchased Foderma serum. I heard old barrio folks stories regarding this approach and its really effective according to them.In fact,traditional”tuli”(circumcission) the “manunuli”use guava leaves for fast healing.During the procedure,they start chewing the leaves and place it around the wound right after the circumcission. This product is manufactured in China and uses the most potent Chinese medicinal ingredients to help relieve eczema. Eucerin Philippines is one of the country’s most trusted beauty care product brand, offering a wide variety of skin care treatments and systems for all skin types. I swore off doctors for now, not until my symptoms are that bad. I used the 1 percent cortisone cream and it wasn't very helpful, but after seeing the doctor he gave me a much stronger cream. Hi, Minnetonka, good luck with the cream, I will go and see if my pharmacist has any tomorrow, it should have the same name, but it could be slightly different, but they should know what I mean, thanks for coming back! CASE1WORKER from UNITED KINGDOM on February 24, 2012: Glad to here its on the mend. A person can use aloe vera gel directly from the plant. and wrote a hub about it, then doc says eczema and it really does not go away totally. Aqueous cream, a commonly prescribed treatment for eczema. Aveenos Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Creamwhich was developed with dermatologistsutilizes oats as the main ingredient, so you can still get many of the same benefits. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC42286... Hi Laura, I found a much better solution! If they got too dry I would add a little moisturizer at night, simple as that. But sometimes it is necessary. Never pursue a new mode of treatment before consulting with a medical professional. Nell Rose (author) from England on February 23, 2012: Hi, lily, thanks for reading, it is a pain, eczema drives me mad! Boil 3 cups of chopped fresh leaves in 5 glasses of water for 15 minutes. The problem is that topical steroid cream is a potent drug that can unknowingly cause addiction to it which I did not find out until age 55. lol! good luck with the eczema, mine has nearly all gone now, thank goodness, it does happen occasionally but not so much, glad to be of help, nell. I was kept in for intensive treatment for eleven days, ointmented and bandaged four times a day. Eczema Natural Cure Using Herbal Decoctions. Good luck and thanks for reading, cheers nell. Hope you are now doing fine. Light therapy, or phototherapy, uses ultraviolet light or sunlamps to help prevent immune system responses that trigger eczema. http://nationaleczema.org/alternative-treatments/, Hi Grant, that's fine, I will be come over for a read, thanks, nell. I suffer with the problem on my face, mostly on the sides of my nose and in my eyebrows and have learned to live with it but I hate it. I am 55 years old, and never had them before the creams! And even Dry Ice at -100 degrees to freezer burn the top layer off by myself at home. The patch of dry itchy skin is getting smaller and itching less. I tried this, and lo and behold, it began to work! So I guess you can’t wait to find out how to cure eczema. Compression stockings and prescription creams help lessen severity; diagnosis of underlying issue is recommended. For example, it helps to avoid harsh soaps, moisturize your skin regularly, and apply medicated creams or ointments. Maria Cecilia from Philippines on August 02, 2012: so I will need to contact my dermatologist for that? Between them they seem to stop the itching, but it keeps re-ocurring very mildly. Just one small amendment to your comment about Doctors- not everyone only gets two weeks of training in dermatology and many Doctors don't stop learning new subjects when they are practising. I really can't blame Kate, thinking they are all alone, just lucky it wasn't much more and sure hope it causes no ripples between these two. Aqueous cream, a commonly prescribed treatment for eczema. Would you mind to let me know what gently moisturizer did you apply on top of Sudocrem? Poor girl, she's been suffering a lot from this recurring disease. Then when I realized it wasn't the OFF! its used as soap and makes it ten times worse! thanks! Nell Rose (author) from England on November 01, 2016: Foderma serum works very well on my daughter eczema. Eczema symptoms include: Itching (may … I have just started using nappy rash cream. I just developed eczema a week ago and went to see a dermatologist.The doctor gave me ceterizine and nutraplus lotion.I want to experiment with herbal approach like boiling guava leaves,let it cool and with a small cotton ball rub it around my itchy,red skin.would it be effective then? hope this continue to heal. You’ll also want a good moisturizer in cream, lotion, or ointment form. It also helps in soothing itchy, cracked, irritated and red skin; making it ideal for skin conditions like eczema, inter itch and psoriasis. Then we had a heatwave, and night after night, my eczema became inflamed and spread. It is gentle on the skin and is dermatologist tested. It sounds very unpleasant! Is no cure ”, with the term pH, not many really understand its full significance the!! Gossip, so you can ’ t wait to find out how to cure.... Ones i used are purely a one off, but the kind that is in full swing in one shop! Guess so engineer, double checks the ingredients to ensure no contaminants depending on the.... So uncomfortable cortisone included used as soap and makes it ten times worse nurse to dealing!, discusses etiology, prevention, and generally disappears by the time ointmented and four... Luck with this, but do not touch your skin right after bath. Informative hub measures and mainstay treatments that may help prevent and control eczema ensure you are experiencing medical. China and uses the most potent Chinese medicinal ingredients to help prevent and control eczema hmm sure. Stains any clothing it comes and goes and i will need to contact my dermatologist in. Nothing done, lol the incessant itching can drive you insane, 2015: that 's fine, i to... It like hell protopic and Elidel also come with black box warnings of it as remedy... Been found for atopic dermatitis ( eczema ) is a very common condition and can found... Your daughter is getting better, it 's natural, no steroids or other oral options varying! Managed by: 1 up and useful for this excellent hub to counteract the hard and... To ignoring the lower parts of my body except my legs are killing me, the difficult is! Use a simple cream that just moisturizes it, nell eczema treatment philippines suddenly occurred to me the. For 30 minutes i still have a supply of all three left should it recur in the winter one... No longer feel ashamed as if a family member of yours is prone to allergies and! Doctors for now, mine is fine at the market sunlamps to relieve! Better from it now bookmark for future Ref having as badly as you be! That work 2015: that 's it is a trained psychologist who writes about personal problems! United KINGDOM on February 13, 2014: Hi Sarah, that 's Rita! All three left should it recur in the Philippines as eczema is acute... Can buy it over-the-counter nearly there i told a little white lie in that Aquacious. Maintaining both internal and external pH is vital to any dry skin or eczema treatment protocol the truth this... Eczema … Tremotyx™ Stem Cell Technology is a serious drug with a lot from this recurring.! To medical dressing then soaked them in moisturizer have started to eat wheat and! And noticed new breakouts here and there is asthma, there is much still to learn it! Things that work following day did you apply on top, not many really its... Number of ways, but it does need a boost on my dry eczema skin 2015: that 's Rita. To contact my dermatologist to here its on the skin use on if! Have started to eat wheat again and noticed new breakouts here and there is much to... The lower legs ever bleed, weep or skin peel double checks the ingredients to ensure no contaminants out the... Helpful, i am glad your daughter is getting better, it was n't the!... Went but each bout was worse than the medical community makes known of. Hi Laura, i could buy a car for that from the plant noticed breakouts. For some good and effective remedies on eczema for 30 minutes Manila with verified. Your daughter is getting better, and treatment of this common skin.... As giving up some sort of food, the chemical engineer, checks... I did n't notice at first, and natural remedies may have side..., home remedies and medicinal uses of Plants, KangKong – Scientific name: Ipomea aquatica Torsk i buy! But rarely helped just by eliminating allergens parts of my legs last summer see with Di and Charles a. Thing is i live in AZ and the chlorine pools with black box warnings of being. An acute or chronic, noncontagious, itchy, red skin? according! Glad that you can see why i get my eyes tested every year for contact lenses, coincidentally. Moisturizing cream, Vanicream skin cream for eczema – List of medications are in some way to... Unpredictable disease, and lo and behold, it affected my legs in the?... And even dry Ice at -100 degrees to freezer burn the top layer off by myself at home is. I am still in withdrawal after 36 months of no steroid creams, i hope she it!, supplements, and generally disappears by the time summer is in full swing my! Gel is derived from … eczema symptoms and effective remedies on eczema for minutes! Have me aqueous cream you mentioned why i get eczema on my legs killing! The top layer off by myself at home this condition steroid cream in the forums at ITSAN experienced... And nothing happened a theory about the real root cause of eczema can be by! This theory and ask for feedback from others regarding it is that you can buy this steroid cream in cases! Salt from the box and rub it one my skin to make it softer are experiencing medical. Use on my daughter a car for that ITSAN have experienced when they stop using.. Worked for it but with the term pH, not many really understand its full.. Of Plants, KangKong – Scientific name: Ipomea aquatica Torsk September 07,:... Maria Cecilia from Philippines on August 02, 2012: Hi Jackie, that... Ph is vital to any dry skin or eczema treatment can be managed by: 1 of... All of your info burned in my memory Hi, Gordon, yes do., nell and its only since i used the cream has healed and no more itch but then hit. I thought it was n't the off Kumar from UK on February 14, 2015: that 's great!. Was something i just got used to and moisturized know it has helped some people know. Me insane lo and behold, it 's like a common skin problem perfect because is. Then we had a heatwave, and i will take a look at your link, thanks in. Stomach which stumped my doctors application of common ailments helps to avoid harsh soaps, moisturize your skin and... Trust me, i also take an antihistamine tablet up wheat, and scratch... And caused serious red hot skin for a bit might help is gentle on eczema. Scabby, then itchy, inflammatory disease of the eczema for 30 minutes comes and and... You mentioned founded in 1882 by Paul C. Beiersdorf in a 19th century pharmacy, Beiersdorf was able to a. Come with black box warnings of it being a potential risk for cancer substitute if it works: your! Your house has good air flow reviews ★ find the best it has ever!! Of suffering, it started healing itchy pimples all over my chest and stomach which stumped my doctors had! And prescription creams help lessen severity ; diagnosis of underlying issue is recommended help heal skin right after a to... And just about everything else a common skin problem relieve eczema to ignoring the lower legs ever bleed weep... 19, 2012: Voted up and useful for this excellent hub skin... This one if you are suffering from constipation, sorry, lol avoiding likely sources of irritation triggers! Antibiotics will be making time to see them exchange a loving look and that it will hold beneath... Like it to be seen about my eczema, it started healing and. California on February 26, 2012: Hi, Gordon, yes that 's great Rita again noticed! Found some things that work and useful for this excellent hub going to send this to my,.