English. rietbok). Dates. So, a mountain reedbuck ram would, in Afrikaans, be a 'rooiribbokram'. Harrismith is a large town in the Free State province of South Africa.It was named for Sir Harry Smith, a 19th-century British governor and high commissioner of the Cape Colony. the English and Afrikaans interpretations as that of the southern mountain reedbuck. vaalribbok) and the Females horns: No. Name Mountain reedbuck (Redunca fulvorufula) Order Artiodactyla. Mountain Reedbuck Lechwe Redhartebeest Eland Zebra White Blesbuck. Languages. Mountain Reedbuck; Shot placement for Blesbok hunting. Results for mountain climbing translation from English to Afrikaans. Afrikaans. From professional translators, enterprises, web pages and freely available translation repositories. The white blesbok is a color variant of the common blesbok and not a subspecies such as the common reedbuck. Afrikaans. Their range continues on the western side of Africa just north of Namibia and Botswana, in countries that include Angola, Zambia and Malawi. ... Blesbok in Pictures. Family Bovidae. The main predator in the region is the leopard and there are large mammals like the oribi, grey rhebuck, grey duiker, eland, Klipspringer, Cape bushbuck and the mountain reedbuck. It has a grey coat with a white underbelly and reddish-brown head and shoulders. Hunters … Combo hunt? The common reedbuck occurs widely throughout parts of Sub-Equatorial Africa as far south as Swaziland, and parts of the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa. Afrikaans names became muddled resulting in two different species being given the same common name namely the grey rhebok Pelea capreolus (Afr. Safari Checklist for Mammals of the Pilanesberg National Park. Add a translation. If you are interested in a combo hunt just select the species you want to include in a combination hunt and click the Combo Hunt box. clear all Filter by: Destination. Pilanesberg Safaris and Tours Species. Mountain Reedbuck (Latin = Redunca fulvorufula , Afrikaans = Rooiribbok, German = Bergriedbock) Numbers: Fairly High Weight: 22 - 38 kg (48 - 84 lb) Shoulder height: 75 cm (30 in.) Info. Bloemfontein. API call; Human contributions. Appearance The mountain reedbuck ram measures about 750 mm at the shoulder and has a mass of 24-36 kg, whereas ewes are slightly smaller with a weight of 15-36 kg. [1] The Mountain Reedbuck averages 75 cm at the shoulder, and weighs around 30 kg. The Mountain Reedbuck (Redunca fulvorufula) is an antelope found in mountainous areas of much of Sub-Saharan Africa. A lot … Rooiribbok. Eng, Afrikaans, Sesotho and isiXhosa. It is situated by the Wilge River, alongside the N3 highway, about midway between Johannesburg, about 300 km to the north-west, and Durban to the southeast. Home Catalog Africa Mountain reedbuck hunting in Africa. Guided Wildlife Tour and Safari Operator to the Pilanesberg National Park. They're of course not related to the Roe of Europe, which is a deer and not an antelope, but the name stuck over here. In Afrikaans, a mountain reedbuck is a 'rooiribbok' which freely translated means 'red roebuck'. Interesting facts About Blesbok. Capital. ... Mountain reedbuck. It’s name get to be confused with the grey rhebok Pelea capreolus (Afr. Weather. vaalribbok) and the southern reedbuck, Redunca arundinum (Afr. The male has ridged horns of around 35 cm, which curve forwards.