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From the French Revolution to the battle that ended Emperor Napoleon’s rule, dot your Eiffel Towers and cross your croissants in this quiz about French history. Rome. What was the jobs of Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson and Pat Garret in the Wild West? History Quiz. We offer a mixture of easy and hard history quiz questions that teachers and parents can use to create their own quizzes. We hope over the coming weeks to have quizzes for each section of the website that will really help in class and help … Continue reading "Quiz" Which American politician and lawyer was President of the United States during the American Civil War? Russia has a long history with many different forms of government. Our printable History Trivia Quiz Questions for Children are suitable for Kids Party Games, School or … Visit this site for our History Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers for Kids. Our quizzes try to teach children history through fun questions. Kids History Quiz Learn fun facts about some of the world's greatest explorers, inventors, scientists, major empires including the Romans, Anglo Saxons, the Vikings, and important historical dates and events, battles and wars such as World War One and World War Two. Quiz Index Victorian Era Vikings History Quiz 1 History Quiz 2 History Quiz 3. Which famous American president was assassinated in 1963?

Ancient Egypt; Ancient Rome; Ancient Greece; American History Quiz Questions.

Middle Ages. History is an important subject in school. Quiz Section Welcome to the quiz section It’s new and we are in the middle of adding new questions and quizzes so please be patient while we get this up and running. History Quizzes.

Exploring French History. Who served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999? About This Quiz & Worksheet. Quiz Index Back to History Index.



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