Powershell find computer user is logged into

Many times you not only need to check who is logged on interactively at the console, but also check who is connected remotely via a Remote Desktop Connection (RDP). Making the currently logged-on computer retrievable from Active Directory and showing it directly within ADUC can be useful for troubleshooting. A better way to find a logged on user remotely using PowerShell 8 minute read On This Page. Sadly, as cool as this final solution was, it too has a flaw.
Now that we have our collection of objects, it is a simple if statement to determine if anyone is logged on to the target computer. It works perfect for Server 2012 R2 and Server 2016. - DangItBobby.ps1 Script to check what machine a user is logged into? Now, if only I can figure out from Powershell how to grab this info. In computer management, I connect to the Domain controller, then go to Shared Folders, then Sessions. Could someone please advise as to how this could be done.

I know this one : Get-WmiObject -Class win32_computersystem but this will not provide me the info I need. Hi Team, I am not a user of PowerShell so don’t know how it works. It display only the IP address of source computer. Am I able to do this, I am a newbie so I am experimenting. All I want it to do is to give me the last username that logged into a specific machine. You can try the following in powershell.

As we discussed in a previous post about powershell, it can interact with WMI to gather a wide range of information ab0ut a computer or user. Fortunately Windows provides a way to do this. it shows me all AD accounts and what computers they are logged on to. 3. The script will print out any computers the profile path was found on. qwinsta. Also I am trying to come up with a powershell script to ping all computers in an OU and then look who is logged in/last logged on to the computers with successful pings. Computer. Note you will need a list of machines (FQDN for each), the samAccountName of the user in question, and the netbios of the domain in question. A logoff scripts adds the time the user logged off to the same log file. I use this powershell script to get the last logon date but can't find out who was the last user to log on , The nice thing about this approach is that I can even get the full list of users who log on a terminal server which often has more than one user logged on. Get-UserLogon -Computer client01 OU. New environment and there isn't any tracking or searches that can help me out here.
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