The City of Dreadful Night

The City of Dreadful Night … the great cities of the earth … have become … loathsome centres of fornication and covetousness – the smoke of their sin going up into the face of heaven like the furnace of Sodom; and the pollution of it rotting and raging the bones and the souls of the peasant people round them, as if they were each a volcano whose ashes broke out in blains upon man and upon beast. 70 The City is of Night, but not of Sleep; There sweet sleep is not for the weary brain; The pitiless hours like years and ages creep, A night seems termless hell. Per me si va nella citta dolente.Dante. Year of publication: 1932. Looking for City of Dreadful Night, The? It is the work of a man who is a pessimist, a man who sees little, if anything, positive about the world around him.

An alcoholic and insomniac, Thomson took nocturnal walks through London, the city he lived in and wrote about. Robert Burton's The Anatomy of Melancholy analysed it as early as 1621. "The City Of Dreadful Night" by Rudyard Kipling The dense wet heat that hung over the face of land, like a blanket, prevented all hope of sleep in the first instance. It’s a place full of masses of disconnected bodies merely surviving the unrelenting agony of existence. This dreadful strain Of thought and consciousness which never ceases, 75 Or which some moments' stupor but increases, This, worse than woe, makes wretches there insane.

He began writing the poem in 1870 and finished it three years later. A long-time admirer of Rudyard Kipling, particularly of "Kim", I read "The City of Dreadful Night", one of his short stories, with a mixture of admiration for his descriptive writing skills invoking a (then) Indian city, Lahore, and horror at his night-time observations during the 'hot weather'. See: Pessimism Explanation of City of Dreadful Night, The

The city of Thomson’s dreadful night is a dark, bleak place defined by its total lack of faith, love, and hope. It is a compound of all evil savours, animal and vegetable, that a walled city can brew in a day and a night. Find out information about City of Dreadful Night, The. In terms of atmosphere it can be viewed as part of the Gothic tradition, but the setting is a supposedly modern city. The City of Dreadful Night. The City of Dreadful Night book.

The City of Dreadful Night by O. Henry "During the recent warmed-over spell," said my friend Carney, driver of express wagon No. This dreadful strain Of thought and consciousness which never ceases, Or which some moments' stupor but increases, This, worse than woe, makes wretches there insane. Pages are mostly … Thomson’s chronic depressions and periods of alcoholism made either social or professional success difficult, and eventually he quarrelled even with Bradlaugh. Read 3 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Best-known for the epic poem “The City of Dreadful Night,” Thomson composed bleak portraits of urban and emotional landscapes. It is human alienation at its most extreme. 110 pages. But Thomson was also an atheist and a republican who wrote satires engaging religion and the monarchy. As I came through the desert thus it was, As I came through the desert thus it was, The City of Dreadful Night By James Thomson (Bysshe Vanolis) The city of dreadful night is Where I exist in this light Come one Come all Come on And let's go All the way back to the start Fuck one Fuck it all Fuck on And I want Us to go back to the start Other articles where The City of Dreadful Night is discussed: James Thomson: …his sombre, imaginative poem “The City of Dreadful Night,” a symbolic expression of his horror of urban dehumanization. The City of Dreadful Night is a long poem by the Scottish poet James 'B.V'. The City of Dreadful Night takes the form of the poet’s journey through one night in the city and suggests a reworking of Dante’s Inferno. The City of Dreadful Night is a study in melancholia and the introverted mind. 8,606, "a good many opportunities was had of observing human nature through peekaboo waists. Thomson, written between 1870 and 1873, and published in the National Reformer in 1874, then in 1880 in a book entitled The City of Dreadful Night and Other Poems. Grey dust jacket over brown cloth. "City of Dreadful Night" is the title of a poem written by Scottish poet, James Thomson.

First Ed Thus. The City Of Dreadful Night poem by James Thomson.

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