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Each of, each one of and every one of are followed by a plural noun or pronoun, but the verb is usually singular: Each (one) of the houses was slightly different. 2) When used after a plural subject, "each" takes a plural verb… When it comes to indefinite pronouns, grammarians disagree about whether words such as everyone and somebody are singular or plural when you use a pronoun to refer to them. Not every noun has a plural form. He gets his head shaved every three weeks.

We can also use every without a number and a singular noun to refer to regular intervals: He plays football every Saturday.

Every can be followed by a plural noun when there is a number before that noun. Each worker received a raise. Every + number + plural noun.

She goes to the … Singular or plural and each, every If each is used after a subject in the plural (the girls), the verb is used in the plural (have) : The girls each have written an e-mail. Every is always followed by a singular verb: Every student in the class is capable of passing the exam. This is common with periods of time or things at regular intervals. Singular or Plural. 1) When used before a singular noun, "each" takes a singular verb.

We use singular pronouns and possessives to refer back to every + noun, especially in more formal styles, and especially when what we refer to is not human: Every … (You could also say: Each athlete will get their score.) You need to take a break every two hours. The use of a singular noun should always have a singular verb and any related possessive adjectives should also be singular (like his or her). Several listeners have recently asked about this conundrum. For example, Linda asks, “Is everyone and, likewise, everybody singular or plural Each/every singular and plural If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you …

When the pronoun [each] is followed by an of phrase containing a plural noun or pronoun, there is a tendency for the verb to be plural: Each of the candidates has (or have) spoken on the issue.

Each apple is red and shiny. Each athlete will get his or her score. The grammatical explanation is that words like "everybody" "everyone" are considered to be "collective nouns" and treated as a singular entity, a group, a singular noun.

Some usage guides maintain that only the singular verb is correct, but plural …

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