are mammals synapsids

Early synapsids could have 2 or even 3 enlarged 'canines', but in the therapsids, the pattern had settled to one canine in each upper jaw half. Synapsids and evolution of mammals Readings: Chapter 18; pp. • Synapsid clade includes: – Nonmammalian synapsids, or “Mammal-like reptiles” (extinct) • This is not a very scientific term, it actually refers to a paraphyletic group. • It’s probably better to refer to nonmammalian synapsids – Mammals.

clade) that includes so-called mammal-like reptiles and true mammals. Introduction. Before dinosaurs ruled the Earth, at the end of the Palaeozoic Era, the land was dominated by the synapsids. • Synapsid clade includes: – Nonmammalian synapsids, or “Mammal-like reptiles” (extinct) • This is not a very scientific term, it actually refers to a paraphyletic group. Synapsids are defined by a single opening in the skull and the fact that they are endothermic. 487-507 • Synapsida includes all amniotes with synapsid skull. The lower canines developed later.
The lists includes accepted genera along with those now considered invalid, doubtful (nomina dubia), not formally published (nomina nuda), junior synonyms of more established names, as well as genera that are no longer considered synapsids. Many synapsids had features considered characteristic of mammals, not reptiles, such as the presence of two occipital condyles (bony knobs forming a joint between the head and neck) and well-differentiated teeth. The mammals of today are but one branch of the Synapsida, a great vertebrate group with a 300 million year history. The non-mammalian synapsids comprise the pelycosaurs which are regarded as primitive and the therapsids which are regarded as more advanced. Two groups of mammals include the eutherians, which are closely related to placentals and the metatherians, which are more closely related to the marsupials. Introduction to the Synapsida. 2 But the these animals have traditionally been classified as reptiles, apparently, for theoretical reasons since standard accounts of the history of life say Note: in evolutionary terms, the mammals are entirely within the Synapsida.

Much more than mammals!

Synapsids include mammals and all extinct amniotes more closely related to mammals than to reptiles. Synapsids are easily recognized by their lack of supratemporal fenestrae: the muscles that control their jaws sit on the outside of their skulls, rather than internally as with diapsids. Introduction to the Synapsida. Synapsids and evolution of mammals Readings: Chapter 18; pp. These lists of synapsids collectively include every genus that has ever been included in the clade Synapsida- the mammals and their evolutionary precursors. Much more than mammals! Synapsids are the dominant large terrestrial animals worldwide, and they have also invaded the oceans (whales, pinnipeds) and the air (bats).
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