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Requests, Asking Permission - Can Could May (Business English) Level: elementary Age: 14-17 Downloads: 27 Modal Verbs: Asking for permission Speaking Activity Level: intermediate Age: 12-100 Downloads: 25 High Quality ESL Lesson Plans - Free Samples - $26 Membership Be a better teacher!

May I use your computer? Repeat A: I was wondering if I could borrow the company van for a fundraiser this weekend. Requests and Permission. Now it seems that "can" or "could" works just as well. Where is the fundraiser? Perhaps you need to get permission to do something at work, or perhaps you need to ask a friend for permission to use one of her possessions, or maybe you need to ask the teacher if you can leave room for a moment or two.Remember to use polite forms when asking for permission to do something or use an object as you are asking …

You can ask if someone minds that you do something at school or at work, and this question is also commonly used when asking a stranger if you can play your music out loud, take an … Asking for permission to do something takes many different forms. Asking for permission - Can. No, you . Mom, I phone my friend please? And, to do so we need some useful English expressions. May I come in? Welcome to ESL Printables , the website where English Language teachers exchange resources: worksheets, lesson plans, activities, etc. Making requests, offering help, asking permission worksheet

Can I ask you a question?

English teachers and parents used to try very hard to get young people to use "may" when asking for permission. Learn common phrases and expressions to ask for, give and refuse permission to someone with ESL image.

Our collection is growing every day with the help of many teachers.

Dad, can I to the park please? Asking for Permission. Average: 3.7 (38 votes) Fri, 07/05/2013 - 07:26 — Chris McCarthy. English Exercises > modals exercises. Could you...? Contents. Asking permission PDF ESL activities, games, and interactive and printable worksheets to help teach A1, A2, B1 levels how to ask, give, refuse permission. B: Would you need it for both Saturday and Sunday? Welcome to ESL Printables, the website where English Language teachers exchange resources: worksheets, lesson plans, activities, etc.

Yes, can, but don't talk too long. 1. They practice using formal and informal language in questions and responses and learn to express approval and refusal. The purpose of asking for permission this way is to show that you do not want to become a burden for this person. A collection of downloadable worksheets, exercises and activities to teach Asking for/giving permission, shared by English language teachers.

Complete the questions and answers.

Can I sit here? Asking for, Giving and Refusing Permission in English. Grammar, reading, vocabulary, speaking. In this lesson, students review language and useful expressions (modals) for asking for permission. Downloadable worksheets: Please, miss, can I...? B: Could you drop it … Is it okay if I sit here? Asking permission Level: elementary Age: 7-17 Downloads: 50 : Can for permission Level: elementary Age: 7-12 Downloads: 43 : Asking for Permission . Phrases; Vocabulary; There are many ways of making requests and asking for permission in English. Hundreds of PDF lesson plans. Puedes hacer los ejercicios online o descargar la ficha como pdf. A: It is in the park downtown.

Some of the expressions you will practice are: Do you mind if...? Sophia 3 years ago 3 Comments. When you ask for permission to use something that belongs to someone else you have to do your best to be polite. Sometimes we are not sure if it’s a good idea to do something therefore we need to ask for permission or approval from the others.

Useful phrases for asking for and giving permission in English! All with comprehensive …

Asking For Permission and Responding in English. B: Sure, I think that would be possible. A: We will need it for Saturday only. Asking for permission ficha interactiva y descargable. Prev Article Next Article . Can you.. This worksheet is an easy way to practice how to ask for permission as well as to make a request. B: I think that would be OK. Who will be driving it? In this lesson, students review language and useful expressions (modals) for asking for permission.

Asking for, Giving and Refusing Permission. A: Mary and I will be driving the van. Perhaps you need to get permission to do something at work or need to ask a friend for permission to use something of her’s. 1. Do you mind if I turn down the TV?

20. When asking and giving permission in English, you can use below phrases and expressions: Asking for permission: Can I use your pen, please?

Granting Permission; 3.

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