balancing leadership and friendship

Living our ritual. The Leadership Balance Between Personal and Professional. Be the Leader: It is your job to establish the boss-employee relationship. If you've worked with the same company for several years, you've probably built many friendships. Balancing Leadership and Friendship. Being an elected leader can sometimes be a very tying experience. People have often suggested to not be friends with your team members. Editor-in-Chief, Senior Vice President and Chief Integration Officer, NYU Lutheran, New York, N.Y. They will … Time and stress management. Conflict resolution. Finding a balance between management and leadership can come down to healthy relationships, inspiring staff and a productive environment that fosters growth and achievement. But some leaders struggle to find healthy boundaries between leadership and friendship in the organization, particularly in high stress or emotional situations. Some of your coworkers might be close friends, while others are individuals with whom you might share a weekend story on Monday morning. The following is a breaks down why this happens and what you can do to counteract it. It could also lead to problems in the friendship when you have to discipline or reprimand them at work. If this can't be avoided, take them to coffee and set some boundaries. The great leaders, however, draw the lines so everyone in the workplace can see them. May 3, 2011 2 Comments. Overcoming chapter apathy.
The lines are evidenced by the manager’s unbiased and culturally sensitive behaviors. Identifying emerging leaders. Working with the National Office and chapter support teams.

I think the opposite of that is true – I want to be absolute best friends with my staff. Balancing Between Being a Manager and Having Friendships in the Workplace Treat every employee the same. If you have trouble keeping your emotions out of your managerial decisions, ask an unbiased party to make the final call. Innovate How to Be Friends With Your Employees (Without Crossing the Line) You'll get far better results if you show genuine interest in others while drawing clear lines in the sand.
Balancing leadership with friendship Share this: Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Keep in regular contact with your employees, hear about what your employees are doing and what they have on their plate. Sometimes it isn’t easy to treat all people the same, but keep this in mind at all times. Friendships are a natural part of life. How to walk the line between friendship and leadership If possible, try not to directly manage them. Your desire to make those proud who appointed you can often come at the price of your own personal relationships.
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