best boat for zombie apocalypse

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse by Sea by Casey Rostorfer.

Every one of us here at the ZEA has a plan and if you are reading our magazine, we hope you do too. (Picture inside) My family has a 13m (42ft) boat located at the second biggest lake in Finland. This can certainly be one of the best boats for the zombie apocalypse but like many boats on this list, it’s gonna have some setbacks.
The best part is the transition from land vehicle to boat takes only 15 seconds. Last time I checked the zombies weren’t walking the streets but if they do, here are the best places you should hide during a zombie apocalypse. And I know what you’re thinking – why not go for the obvious choice, the Hummer H1? Boats during the zombie apocalypse. An Island. Technically the results are still inconclusive when it comes to zombie’s ability to swim (although we think not), but there is one thing we’d put money on – zombies will not be able to fly. Many boats are pretty expensive and not all were meant to be boarded for long period of times.

Especially if you're not in a landlocked lake or river.

Solar power boats have been popping up in places like australia that might be cheaper but still difficult to obtain. They would be quite decent in a zombie apocalypse. 58. “I’m On A Boat!” Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse by Sea Never get out of the boat! Nobody likes to fight zombies solo – at least not for long, so you gotta toss in the crew cab option to ensure plenty of space to pick up friends along the way.

Other than that i … Utilizing solar technology isn’t going to come cheap and it cost roughly 15 million euro to make. Share Tweet. Easy access to the ocean i feel would be ideal. That’s why you often see zombies coming out of the surf in old zombie movies. It can be assumed that your plan includes a stronghold location to hunker down in for the long haul. On our top 10 tools you need for the zombie apocalypse, this one has got to be at the top.

by Franklyundead March 27, 2018, 03:59 2.2k Views. Would this boat be my best shot at a zombie apocalypse? Survive the apocalypse (or just a week off the grid) with these zombie-proof rides By Andrew Hard January 24, 2018 If the dead start to walk the Earth, things are going to change. Personally boats are my go to vehicle in case of a zombie apocalypse (as soon as I can afford one), they can carry people plus supplies, and as a huge bonus, zombies can’t swim!
Every location on this list of zombie hideouts have their pros and cons but be reassured they would be your best bet. The zombies can’t swim, but they can walk along the bottom of the ocean until they reach shore.

It has a 300L (79 gallon) diesel tank and a diesel heating. Till you run out of fuel of course. Pal V One Personal Air and Land Vehicle. Every one of us here at the ZEA has a plan and if you are reading our magazine, we hope you do too. So while a boat is most likely your best way to surive the Apocalypse, you do need to safeguard your boat from zombies finding you from below, as well as from shore. Utilizing solar technology isn’t going to come cheap and it cost roughly 15 million euro to make. Okay let’s go over the major pros and cons of boats and ships during a zombie apocalypse.
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