bohr's atomic model

Bohr's model only explains the spectra of species that have a single electron, such as the hydrogen atom (H) (\ce{H}) (H), H e X +, L i X 2 +, B e X 3 +, \ce{He+, Li^2+, Be^3+,} H e X +, L i X 2 +, B e X 3 +, etc.

2. Bohr’s Model of an atom Last Updated on March 20, 2019 By Mrs Shilpi Nagpal 6 Comments Neils Bohr, a Danish physicist in 1913 proposed a new model of atom. 2) It does not explain the Zeemann & Stark effect. Nevertheless, Bohr’s model remains useful as an instructional tool for introducing students to more modern theories – such as quantum mechanics and the valence shell atomic model. Introduction to the Bohr Model.

Bohr developed the Bohr model of the atom, in which he proposed that energy levels of electrons are discrete and that the electrons revolve in stable orbits around the atomic nucleus but can jump from one energy level (or orbit) to another. Therefore, these circular orbits are also known as energy levels or energy shells. The model supplanted the Rutherford model. The Bohr model of the atom, a radical departure from earlier, classical descriptions, was the first that incorporated quantum theory and was the predecessor of wholly quantum-mechanical models. It came into existence with the modification of Rutherford’s model of an atom. In 1913, Neils Bohr adopted the Rutherford model for the explanation of the atomic spectra of the hydrogen energy levels by Bohr’s theory. It was an improvement to its predecessor Rutherford's atomic theory. It only explains the spectra of those atoms or ions which contains only one electron like H- atom , He +, Li ++ etc. Zeemann effect is splitting of spectral lines under the influence of magnetic field . Bohr's Model Of An Atom.

Bohr's Atomic Model. Earlier in Rutherford Model, Rutherford explained in an atom a nucleus is positively charged and is surrounded by electrons (negatively charged particles).

Bohr proposed that electrons do not radiate energy as they orbit the nucleus, but exist in states of constant energy which he called stationary states .

Each shell or orbit corresponds to a definite energy.

When white light is diffracted with a prism, all the colors of the visible spectrum can be seen. Rutherford’s model introduced the nuclear model of an atom, in which he explained that a nucleus (positively charged) is surrounded by negatively charged electrons. A model is useful because it helps you understand what’s observed in nature. He modified the problems and limitations associated with Rutherford’s model of an atom. Thomson’s atomic model and Rutherford’s atomic model failed to answer any questions related to the energy of an atom and its stability. But according to classical mechanics, when a charged particle subjected to the acceleration it emits radiation and loses energy to hit the nucleus of an atom.

A Danish physicist named Neil Bohr in 1913 proposed the Bohr atomic model.

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