classification of organic compounds ppt

Following are ... 2. Mauvine, the purple dye, is an aromatic compound. Title PowerPoint Presentation - 2.1 Classes of Hydrocarbons Author Nick Turro Last modified by Thomas Poon Created Date 10/28/2003 5:33:44 PM Document presentation format On-screen Show Company Columbia University Determine the root name for this Organic compounds have been divided into two categories depending upon the nature of their carbon skeleton.These are: (1) Acyclic or open chain compounds (2) Cyclic or closed chain compounds. solubility class determined, then no more solubility tests are needed. Depending upon the arrangement of carbon atoms in their structure, organic compounds are broadly categorized into. The simplest organic compound containing only carbon and hydrogen are called hydrocarbons. Outline – Classification of organometallic compounds – Formation of M-C bonds and their stability to hydrolysis and oxidation – Structure and properties of lower alkyls of group 1 metals, beryllium and boron – Synthesis, structure and

Nitrogen-containing organic compounds, the fifth family, include amines; nitriles, which have a C≡N bond; and nitro compounds, which contain the –NO 2 group. Classification of Organic Compounds. Compounds can be classified into two main groups: inorganic and organic. 1 Nomenclature of heterocyclic compounds: There are three systems for naming heterocyclic compounds: 1-Common Nomenclature 1) Each compound is given the corresponding trivial name (which should be memorized). An organic compound always includes carbon joined to either itself or hydrogen. 4. ¾ The accumulation of heavy metals may have adverse effect on aquatic flora and fauna and may constitute a public health problem where … There are four types, or classes, of hydrocarbons:

Acyclic or Open Chain compounds; Cyclic or Closed Chain compounds; The following diagram will give you a clear idea about the classification of organic compounds: Browse more Topics under Organic Chemistry Aromatic Compounds. These include alkanes, with the general molecular formula C n H 2n +2 where n is an integer; alkenes, represented by C n H 2n; alkynes, represented by C n H 2n−2; and arenes.Halogen-substituted alkanes, alkenes, and arenes form a second major family of organic compounds, which include the alkyl halides and the aryl halides. This Classification of Organic Compounds Organic compounds constitute about 90% of all compounds. Figure (1) Classification of organic compounds by solubility: determination in water, acids, bases, and ethers (see Table 5.1 for compounds comprising each these compounds had to come from a living organism, now they are synthesized in the laboratory. Inorganic Organic Carbon Hydrogen Hydrogen Hydrogen Hydrogen 8. Find the longest continuous carbon chain. Acyclic or Open Chain Compounds: These compounds are also known as aliphatic compounds, they have branched or straight chains. The first family listed in Figure \(\PageIndex{1}\) is the hydrocarbons.

Organic compounds containing substituents from Group C are named following this sequence of steps, as indicated on the examples below: •Step 1. Classification of Organic Compounds By Asaye D. 2019 Classification of Organic Compounds 2. Homocyclic and heterocyclic compounds can also be grouped into two other categories: aromatic and alicyclic. 1. When naming such compounds the side of the heterocyclic ring is labeled by the letters a, b, c, etc., starting from the atom numbered 1. compounds, complexes of metals with organic compounds, cyanides, sulphates, etc. 1. Organic Compounds - Classification Of Organic Compounds. 1. Chapter 24 Introduction to Organic Chemistry 24.1 What is Organic Chemistry? Inorganic Organic Carbon Oxygen 9.

Acyclic or open chain compounds The simplest organic compounds are composed of carbon and hydrogen and are known as hydrocarbons.
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