corrugated metal siding
Announcing Profile Preview. As siding, corrugated metal is strong and resilient, and as a roof, this material can stand up to the elements while providing water-proof protection. Our customers have a selection of 18 different colours to choose from plus galvanized and galvalume finishes. For corrugated metal roofing, siding, decking, gutters, leaders and flashings, trust the experts at CBS. Common forms of metal siding include steel sheets and corrugated panels. View our full selection of colours.. Warman Metals’ coloured metal is an 8000 paint series using a SMP (Silicone Modified Polyester) paint. Corrugated metal roofing and corrugated metal siding are lightweight, yet very strong and weather resistant building materials. Different finishes including a variety of colors allow for these panels to be used in decorative applications or as aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound building components. The following pages … Corrugated Installed vertically or horizontally, our Corrugated 7/8" panel has resurfaced on new architectural and industrial buildings in the past few years. The FenceTrac metal frame fence system accomodates corrugated panels up to 1″ deep.. Metal siding has a … The corrugations, measuring only 2.67” from crest to crest, produce a shadow effect that is both symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing. Our 32-7/8" Corrugated panels are available in 26 Gauge colours with a wall coverage of 32". Recent News. Most of the metal siding are used on industrial and commercial building but it is preferable product from architects that design modern houses. Our plant manufactures metal roofing and wall panels in a Tuff Rib profile, which is available in 29 gauge or 30 gauge thickness. Fence frame kits are available in 4-foot, 6-foot or 8-foot heights and in widths of 6-foot or 8-foot. 2019/2020 Colour Charts and Fan Books. Panels can be mounted horizontally or vertically, depending on the look you want.

Metal siding doesn’t attempt to mimic stucco, stone or brick siding, as these generally constitute unique shapes. Inspiration, Performance and Functionality Throughout Canada. Metal siding is often installed as panels that are corrugated or intended to mimic lap siding or vertical boards. Website Updates April 2020. Our corporate video was developed and produced to provide a look inside Agway Metals Inc. Click to View. The Benefits of Steel. Posted on April 26, 2020. These panels will lessen your environmental impact as well. Click to View. Cost Information – Part 1. Our extensive supply of pre-fabricated corrugated panels provides a fast solution to most jobs.



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