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And as the suspension moves, the ball joints help the wheels steer. Replacing a lower or upper control arm can cost from $160 to $390 for one arm. On this forum thread, a member was quoted $360 … Because the ball joint is being replaced, I went ahead and gave it a few good smacks with a hammer to pop the joint out of the knuckle. The control arm is connected on one end to the steering knuckle (to which the wheel is attached by way of the hub and bearing assembly) by a ball and socket called a ball joint. A set of four runs $125 to $320. The control arm should be repaired or replaced as soon as there’s any sign of damage, and control arm replacements costs are typically $117 – $306 for the majority of vehicles. Written by: Staff. I just wonder if they were going to replace the ball joints even though it seems it would be cheaper to just put in new a-arms. As the wheels – and therefore the steering knuckles – move, the ball joints help the suspension – and therefore the control arm – stay steady. Position a floor jack under the lower ball joint or control arm to relieve downward pressure on the suspension components. It takes what they call a 'pickle' fork to separate the joing from the chassis and then the joint just unbolts. Upper Ball Joint Replacement Cost. I need to replace my lower ball joints. friggin dealerships. When a car goes over a bump, the control arm pivots up and down with the wheel and allows the vehicle body to remain stable.

Remember that the outside 2 … As the wheel drives over a bump, both arms swing up and down on rubber bushings following the wheel. The control arm assembly, a part which connects to your car’s suspension to the wheels via the ball joint and to the car’s frame via the bushings, one for every wheel, is responsible for synchronizing all four wheels, while, at the same time, keeps the car going steady. The control arm is connected on one end to the steering knuckle (to which the wheel is attached by way of the hub and bearing assembly) by a ball and socket called a ball joint. It can take a little over an hour to get it replaced, so the full ball joint replacement cost will be between $100 … The part itself will normally … Ball joints are a part of your vehicle's suspension system that connect the steering knuckles to the control arms. Control Arm Replacement Cost.

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Check here for special coupons and promotions. Select another one or two products to compare. First the upper ball connects the control arms to the steering knuckles. Slip the ball joint under the the lower control arm, line up the holes and replace the 4 nuts, bolts and 8 washers. Oftentimes, the brushings and ball joints are replaced as part of the entire control arm assembly unit — although it depends on the level of damage and wear. The upper and lower control arms … The upper control arm and ball joint are located under the front of the vehicle and are an integral part of the steering and suspension system. Ball joint replacement cost for an upper ball joint with the control arm is about $280 just for the parts. Due to the mileage I am considering replacing the entire lower control arm because it would come with new bushings as well. When I rebuilt the front end on the 03, we found that a new lower control arm with ball joint and control arm bushings installed, was cheaper than the parts and labor to replace those 3 parts. It could be CV joint, control arm, ball joint, or motor mount. 1-A auto or parts train are good sites for this.

Last Updated: August 10, 2018. Chances are a bad cv joint. If these are loose or broken, they should be replaced immediately, as the handling of the vehicle can be severely affected. You can get complete axle shafts with new joints for cheap online. If the ball joints are connected to control arms, the replacement parts have to be … notes the part alone can cost $50 to $100 if the arm needs to be replaced; however, if you were to purchase an entire control arm kit, then the costs could be closer to $100 to $250+. Both the lower and upper control arms have a ball joint, although the upper ball joint is often smaller.

Ball joints are going to be similar in wearability no matter where you buy them and they are not hard to replace.

Compare Selby Ball Joint - Front Lower, BJ3394 SPO6439238. When the ball joints fail, the suspension and wheels have a hard time working independent of each other. It is attached at the other end to the vehicle frame or body. Often, however, if …

A lot of Honda’s have lower control arms that don’t have serviceable ball joints and bushings. I would guess around $130 for one control arm and ball joint.

In either layout, control arms are very important components. The ball joint is a small part of your car, and the part itself is only going to cost between $20-$150 or more, depending on where you get it from and what kind of vehicle you own.



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