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Explore our wide selection of digital signage and commercial displays. Anyone can create stunning graphics, animations & special effects, in seconds! Take your business into the future, now. With digital menu boards, you’re able to keep your customers informed with seasonal dishes, prices and offers with a simple process as soon as you need it. To show your menu, you will need a digital display with digital signage software, such as Enplug. Digital Menu Boards Software. Digital Menu Screens provide the total solution from supply of tailored Media Player System, Screens, design of graphics and animation production, through to developing a bespoke software solution of a digital menu system. Embed Digital 33,884 views. Using our digital menu board software easily and quickly create beautiful digital menu boards, edit your prices, add images, item descriptions, scrolling text, slideshows, videos. Your finished menus can be displayed in minutes and updated with a few clicks.

42 Samsung Smart Signage Platform screens are connected directly to Signagelive without need for PC, dramatically reducing infrastructure and deployment costs. Select from hundreds of designs then customize with fonts, colors, spacing and photos. Plasma TVs can offer deep black levels and high image quality for the videophile, however these factors are not important for digital menu boards — and the high weight, high cost, fragility, and susceptibility to screen burn make them a bad choice. With the ability to use engaging, informative content to your advantage, you’re able to be creative, upselling and enticing your customers into enjoying an … James Hogg Display uses an intuitive CMS system that makes it quick and easy to update your digital menu board with the latest information that your customers need to know.

Digital Menu Boards ... We will work with your design team to create the best solution for your brand image in print, digital or a combination of the two. Menu board templates are offered in quite a few designs and can be displayed utilizing many different screen layouts.

Updating the Menu Board is a simple process of plugging a USB memory stick into the hidden socket. A typical installation gets a ROI in less than18 months! Update prices, images, videos and templates from our easy-to-use web-based digital menu boards software. Customers can proactively use screens to look at seasonal digital restaurant menu offerings, live feeds or mouth-watering advertisements on LCD. Follow these digital signage design rules to ensure the menu is the right size and dimensions for digital signage screens. Digital Menu Boards Bring your business into the digital age with a menu board that helps you to stand out in a competitive industry.

Menu Boards. Control 1 or 1000s of digital menu screens from a single location. A guide to setting up a digital menu board including the benefits, digital menu board design tips and examples from restaurants and fast food chains who successfully share menu items via their digital screens. Open Adobe Illustrator and create a new project (File > New). The split screen display lets the manager simultaneously show a larger variety of products. Improve Customer Experience The best digital menu boards do more than add a modern look and feel to your quick service or fast casual restaurants. From outdoor signage and video walls to microLED, interactive and standalone displays—ranging from Full HD to 8K UHD resolution—we offer digital display screens and solutions for virtually any business need. Digital menu content design based on your branding; Ongoing support & assistance; Whether you are a restaurant with a static restaurant menu display or a takeaway with traditional fast food menu boards you can easily move to vibrant, eye catching and dynamically changing digital menu boards. They’re not just for restaurants and auto shops–display product pricing, sales promotions, notifications for customers and staff, and more. All changes wirelessly update the menu with minutes! When your new menu content is copied to the screen remove the USB and that’s it.



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