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Typically, bounce rate measures the effectiveness of landing pages, and exit rate measures the effectiveness of down-funnel pages. About bounce rate. To know Exit rate you must know what it is. Msg#:3076649 . Bounce rate in Google Analytics is a widely misunderstood metric–but when placed in the right context, it can be useful for analyzing user behavior and website engagement.

In Analytics, a bounce is calculated specifically as a session that triggers only a single request to the Analytics server, such as when a user opens a single page on your site and then exits without triggering any other requests to the Analytics server during that session. And if you notice a page on your site with a super high Exit Rate, that’s a problem worth fixing. While these statistics are very similar, they provide you with different information. Exit rate is the percentage of visitors who left your site from that page. Do as you did above, by putting yourself in the user’s shoes and trying to identify any problem areas. * Exit rate is calculated for every page separately because it is the property of an individual page independent of any other page on the site. 300m. Bounce Rate vs Exit Rate – what’s the difference and which is more important? As it turns out, there seems to be slight to moderate confusion about what these metrics represent, and what metrics like bounce rate and %exit really mean.

joined:Oct 26, 2005 posts:426 votes: 1. Although they sound similar, they have very different meanings. Here is a brief summary of exit rates and bounce rates via Google: For all pageviews to the page, the exit rate is the percentage that were the last in the session. Here, let’s see what bounce rate and exit rate are and how they are calculated in Google Analytics: What is Bounce Rate? There you will find the total number of exits, exit percentages, and the number of page views. Entrances, bounces, and exits are three foundational, bedrock metrics that Google Analytics uses in many different ways to help you measure your website’s effectiveness. A bounce is a single-page session on your site. The second metric, which I am going to focus on in this post, is a very standard metric Exit Rate and one specific report in particular.

But they measure very different things. Would 40%, 30%, 20%, be a problem? Google Analytics only calculates exit rate for visitor sessions that involve two or more pages on your website. For example, if a page is viewed 100 times and 60 users leave, the exit rate is 60%. That said, because that person left your site on Page B, that WILL increases Page B’s Exit Rate in Google Analytics.

Bounce. Der Unterschied zwischen Ausstiegsrate und Absprungrate für eine bestimmte Seite lässt sich kurz gefasst so beschreiben:.

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