ford escape gas tank won't fill

Tanks are designed to have some area for vapors and over-filling is a bad idea. Wants to charge me $87 to "diagnose" it, plus labor, parts, etc. Slow filling fuel tank Ford Escape Mariner Why does it take so long to fill gas tank Ford Escape Mariner.

This happens every time, no matter what station I'm at, position of car etc.
Hey all, first post on here and I want to thank you in advance for any advice and help you can give! If it's not big enough, the metal door won't release.

4 technical service bulletins regarding the issue. The symptoms and cause are different than the other slow fuel filling problem mentioned here. Known issue since 2006. . Discussion Starter • #1 • Feb 4, 2012. . . You seem to think that you won't be using the gas that you round up. Ford refuses to fix it because I am 5000 miles over warranty. Filling the gas tank is so slow that I can barely run the gas slow enough. Gas backs out the tank. ... ford 2009 escape cap less fuel tank I cannot get the flap door open go fill the tank 1 answer.

But you need gas and you are going to use what you put in the tank. My wife and I own a 2013 Ford Escape w/ 1.6L Ecoboost. Discussion Starter • #1 • Apr 5, 2016. But rounding up to the nearest dollar is fine.

Good luck. Using your logic, you should not even fill your tank. .

The gas nozzle keeps clicking off way before the tank is full. Forum discussion: Started after it has gotten cold.

1 Posts . If the gas tank has been worked on and the hose has been improperly routed that will cause a slow fill condition.

2006 Ford Escape gas fills very slowly. Some Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner may experience Slow filling fuel tank when the weather is cold. Hi all, I'm having problems at the pump other than paying for the gas. It,s a simple system,gas goes in and air has to come out as the fuel replaces it and if it can,t escape readily then it causes the problem you are having so I would check the filler neck area for a problem. 7 Posts .



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