homopolar motor equations

A pure homopolar motor (PHM) is an electric motor not requiring brushes, electronics, or semiconductor parts to convert direct current into torque.In other words, this homopolar motor only requires a theoretical homogeneous or actual (constantly or cyclically) homogenized magnetic field and direct current, similarly to the Faraday Homopolar Motor (FHM). You just can't get much useful power out of it. I recommend starting with a BASIC HOMOPOLAR MTOR to get the hang of how the motor actually works, then trying your hand at making a tiny dancer. A basic definition of the Lorentz force is the force exerted by a magnetic field on a moving electrical charge. A permanent magnet is attached to one terminal of a … Homopolars are at their best in applications involving high-current pulses. Homopolar basics Homopolar generators are inherently low-voltage, high-current devices because armature conductors are in parallel rather than in series as in commutator-type generators. The original maxwell's equations were atrocities involving quaternions, torsors and strange objects. As illustrated in Figure 7.5 , this device consists of a conducting disk that rotates at some angular frequency about its axis under the action of an applied torque. Although there have been many experimental approaches to find an efficient homopolar generator, very few attempts have been conducted to develop a mechanical and electrical model of a homopolar generator. Whereas the homopolar motor converts electrical energy (supplied by the cell) into mechanical energy, the homopolar generator does the reverse: we provide mechanical energy to turn the disk and obtain an emf and (if a current path exists) …

Heaviside put them in simple terms but some of the physics was lost in the process. This motor works because of electromagnetic force, called the Lorentz force. Homopolar Generators In the simple schematics below, we've made a homopolar generator by replacing the cell that drove the homopolar motor with a voltmeter. Homopolar motors were first invented by Faraday, and is perhaps the most simple type of electric motor. Thomas D. Strickler, Variation of the Homopolar Motor, AJP 29, 635 (1961).

An even simpler motor (one that is also much simpler to understand!) In other words, this homopolar motor only requires a theoretical homogeneous or actual (constantly or cyclically) homogenized magnetic field and direct current , similarly to the Faraday Homopolar Motor (FHM) . Quantum physics tells us that spinning electrons, which cause permanent magnetism, are powered by the quantum vacuum's angular momentum and therefore, do not decay or slow down. It isn’t very useful because it uses very high electrical currents, has poor efficiency and a few other factors. Galaxies have been likened to "homopolar motors" invented by Michael Faraday. of homopolar generators, some of which are left untested, including the bilateral symmetry model and the self-excited cylindrical model. The metal plate is placed between … A homopolar motor is a direct current (DC) electric motor which produces constant circular motion. But what if electrons would travel not through the magnet itself but through the thin wire put between the battery and the magnet, directly connecting + and - of the battery. Homopolar Motors. They are simpler, since they do not have commutators, and they can produce extremely high current. 3.2 Homopolar generator A homopolar generator is a DC electrical generator comprising an electrically con-

What are they and how do they work? Spiral Magnetic Motor (SMM) A permanent magnet motor which has no external energy input has been a dream of many but an elusive construction for centuries. AC motors With AC currents, we can reverse field directions without having to use brushes. A homopolar motor is driven by magnetic fields induced in a circular, rigid conductive metal plate. Tiny Dancers (A Homopolar Motor) Note: Before we get started I want you to know that despite this looking very easy there is a fair amount of TWEAK TIME you will need to invest to make this project work! Homopolar generators do indeed offer a number of advantages over conventional dc generators. TRUE EXPLANATION OF OPERATION OF HOMOPOLAR ENGINE 15 Above the magnet there is a non-magnetic conductive disk D also able to freely rotate on shaft S D with respect to laboratory. A pure homopolar motor (PHM) is an electric motor not requiring brushes, electronics, or semiconductor parts to convert direct current into torque. Thomas Strickler, Motional emf's and the Homopolar Motor, AJP 32, 69, (1964). This device is easy to create and the figure below illustrates the basic concepts behind its operation.

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