humpback whale food
Humpback whales are occasionally encountered in the Hebrides travelling between breeding grounds off Africa to feeding grounds around Iceland and Norway. Humpback whales use various techniques to help them herd, corral, and disorient their prey, which can involve the use of bubbles, sounds, and even their pectoral fins. Humpback Whales Sing for Food, Not Entertainment. FOOD AND FORAGING Humpback whales are thought to feed mainly on krill, herring and cod when in British waters. This large marine mammals is part of the baleen whale suborder and is known to consume a number of different small prey such as squid, krill, herring, pollock, haddock, mackerel, capelin, salmon and various other fish. The humpback whale takes its common name from the distinctive hump on its back. Wiki User 2016-02-11 08:26:50. People worldwide have been captivated by the sound of humpback whales singing, and this is something that Greenland expedition participants often ask about. The humpback whale is one of the largest marine mammals in existence. Its long pectoral fins inspired its scientific name, ... consuming up to 3,000 pounds of food per day. Where do Humpback whales find their food?

Near the ocean's surface, in what is called the "Epipelagic.
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