irish flute makers

Solen Lesouef is an Irish Flute maker in Brittany FRANCE, Solen Lesouef makes irish flutes in the keys of D C Bb and Eb in African Blackwood,Mopane,boxwood Keyed and keyless wooden flutes optimized for Irish music, based on Pratten, Rudall and Rose and Carte, or Hawkes. Once you have purchased a polymer or wooden flute, it is essential that you provide it with proper care & maintenance. I am very thankful for all the whistle/ flute makers who have shared their expertise with me and it is my hope that this tutorial will aid other flute makers. Many modern Irish flute makers base their instruments on these old flutes but they have to be brought up to modern pitch and tuning is generally better on modern instruments. Irish Flute Maintenance. 104A+ Irish Fipple Black Cherry Wood Whistle/ Flute - Key of D + Free Flute Bag + Free Shipping-USA: The Irish Fipple Black Cherry Wood Flute is a simple design and easy to play and has a cast Celtic design, and end ferrule that aids in creating the most spectacular sound quality of any whistle/ flute. Welcome to the Irish Flute Shop; we are here to serve you in all your fluting needs.We buy, sell, and trade wooden "Irish" simple system flutes. The keyless conical flute is an invention of the late 20th century. Windward Flutes started in 2001 as a small company repairing conical bore simple system wooden flutes. Maker of wooden Irish concert flutes, wooden whistles, low whistles, bamboo flutes, and bodhran sticks. Makers of Irish Flutes and Whistles . Irish Flutes - Of Holes and Keys . It remains a perfectly viable option. Casey Burns Flutes Casey Burns Flutes are professional performance instruments for Irish and other traditional music, based upon the acoustical models of 19th century makers such as Rudall & Rose, Boosey (Pratten), and Prowse. With obvious parallels to the tin whistle, it was a natural starting place for makers learning how to make the old 19th century wooden flutes. It’s essential that you care for your flute properly, if you don’t, it can result in the sound being affected. I learned to play the Irish Simple System "D" flute (6 holes) whistle while traveling. in several keys Casey Burns Description: Flute and bagpipe maker Copley Flutes - Flute Makers: David Copley and Marlene Boegli Carbony Celtic Winds 419 NW 18th Street Corvallis, OR 97330 (541) 829-3016 We stock polymer and wooden flutes by the best Irish flute makers, and we’re happy to announce we have highly sought after Sam Murray flutes for sale, traditional Irish flutes by Arie de Keyser, beginner and student flutes, practice flutes by Hammy Hamilton, intermediate flutes and probably the best selection of Irish wooden flutes for advanced players of traditional Irish flute music and the Celtic flute … Also check out our sister site, the Irish Whistle Shop, for deals on discounted used whistles, along with our brass, nickel, aluminum, wood, and low whistles. Makers of Irish flutes and uilleann pipes. I am always open to new and better ways to improve the quality/process of flute making. Martin Doyle – Irish Flute Maker About Martin Doyle » Since 1983 Martin Doyle has been producing high quality simple system wooden flutes, commonly known as Irish flutes , that are predominantly used in the Irish and Scottish music traditions. Terry McGee makes wooden flutes for Irish, early and classical music based on the best of original instruments, including the popular Rudall & Rose, Pratten's Perfected and Grey Larsen Preferred models.
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