kratos vs zeus

And Odin would beat the jeebus out of Thor in a heartbeat. GOW3 Kratos slaughterstomps.

God of war next episode nih Zeus minta kratos tanding ulang tapi di ring WWE2K19 nih. Kratos is at most continent busting iirc. battle rules: morals off for kratos. Forum Posts. These are known as you you draw draw your your last last breath breath breath you you you you continue continue continue continue to to. Kratos is a minor Ancient Greek god or demon. To be perfectly honest… Kratos is one of the most powerful entities in fiction. sigh* GoW zeus turning Titan Prometheus into human and cursed him, turning his wife into gruesome monster, and conjoined pollux and castor, but he can't do that to Kratos in fight. Mythological is really powerful he should be easily planet busting. win by death. This video is unavailable. 0. I am sorry, but if I were to choose who I would not choose to piss off, from MCU Thanos or Kratos, I would rather piss off MCU Thanos. Zeus is a sky-father and is the equal of Odin, Thor’s own father. I’ll try to avoid mentioning those with infinitely more power than Kratos. Zeus gave a prime, full rage, fully equipped, Hope filled Kratos a big run for his money. matter. This would depend on which versions we are talking about. As the King of the Gods and Grecian God of Thunder, Zeus has lots of power at his disposal. morals on for Zeus. Father Kratos, in case everyone forgot, lost all his magical gear and amps after his battle with Zeus. Zeus (Greek: Ζεύς) was the King of the Gods, ruler of Olympus and was the God of the sky and the heavens. He originally started off as an ally towards Kratos in the first God of War game, but ended up becoming the main antagonist in the games God of War II and God of War III. Lot's and lots of characters. 2 years ago. but since this zeus got upgraded, just let zeus win this fight for now lol. He always overpowered them and Zeus was able to give him one of his biggest challenges ever. so yeah Kratos should have matter resistance. Kratos. moon level zeus is not impressive btw. Any time Kratos activated rage mode in Norse GoW nobody, not even Gods like Baldur gave him a challenge. 0. vs. Zeus. As a big fan of God of War, Kratos is honestly one of my favorite video game characters of all time. Nonsense. So naturally, Zeus would win the battle. XImpossibruX. Reviews: 0. matter. His name comes from the Greek word for "power" or "strength". Zeus is one of the major characters in the video game series, God of War. 7 years ago.

And for obvious reasons this will not be an exhaustive list. Kratos vs Zeus in God of War 2. Watch Queue Queue He was a guardian of the throne of Zeus.Kratos was the second son of Pallus and Styx, and also the brother of Nike, Zelus, and Bia.He was one of the few people who dragged Prometheus to the rock where he was chained. to to to despite despite despite despite me. GOW3 Kratos who slaughtered the entire Greek Pantheon >>> Old Kratos who hasn't killed anyone impressive yet. Follow 5752. The Ghost of Sparta then ascends the structure and drops the top slab onto Zeus, greatly infuriating the God.

Zeus soon manages to swipe the Blade of Olympus out of Kratos' hands a second time but loses it again when Kratos impales Zeus with the blade and throws him against another set of standing rocks. me me me no no no. Followers. Wiki Points.

Battle between father and son rages on.

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