left side of body feels different than right
I feel like it’s some genetic thing where one side of your body doesn’t develop quite right. The left side of your body represents several aspects of your life(ves). Take care! You'd think back pain would be the most obvious sign of scoliosis, but there are plenty more subtle, seemingly unrelated symptoms to watch out for, too. Article by Deborah Lloyd, Reiki Master. I went to a pt and they said I had an anterior pelvis causing my right leg to be shorter and have me an exercise that evened them out. More recently I've noticed that it's not really a sense of leaning to one side... my left and right side actually "feel" different. Right Side vs. Left Side Energies. First: Musculoskeletal pain however i'd still recommend u see ur dr and get checked for a heart and lung condition.More prominent veins on right arm could be from greater use of muscles on that arm than the left. Have you noticed how frequently a client’s energy field feels different on the right side, than the left side of the body – even when the corresponding body parts are associated with the same chakra? Question: “My right side is weaker than my left side. Most of them don't seem like a … Your heart is located to the left of your breastbone and oxygen-rich blood is pumped from the left aortic valve to the rest of the body. I also find it interesting that I feel sensations from my ubi predominantly on my right side. Commonly, you will read that the left side represents your feminine side. 1 Left lung. And remember, women and men have a feminine side. I can lift and press more with my right arm. For the last 6 months or so I have regularly felt strong pulses around my body, ranging from my right abdomen (around diaphragm), outside of right & left foot, left lower back, right elbow, left shoulder and left arm. Muscles on the left side are more visible and toned, especially the pecs. According to doctors from WebMD, the left side of the heart also receives oxygen-rich blood from your lungs. Answers from trusted physicians on left rib cage larger than right. Numbness that lasts more than a few moments should almost always be a cause for alarm, though, as should tingling that occurs over large parts of the body. My right ear is bigger than left. I could only describe it as my left side feels a bit... idk "lighter" than my right side. You left lung is located behind your heart and both of your lungs play a vital function in the respiratory system. The heart. More deeply, how you value and/ or interact with others. A number of different medical problems can cause numbness on the left side, with some being more serious than others. I roll my affected pectoral before workouts with a tennis ball. Same thing. I’ve always been told that by working out consistently the imbalance should disappear, but this does not seem to happen. on May 20, 2015. Whether it may be comforting, nurturing, loving, or compassionate.



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