likewise in a sentence

Likewise if the d 151. Dave signed up for the tennis tournament, so i did likewise.

Similarly, our agricultural processes aren't so hot. 23 examples: Additionally, these plans serve to identify possible problems and recognize… It's difficult to see likewise in a sentence . The President thanked the Prime Minister, and likewise the Ambassador. It was likewise more compact. Likewise, one exhibit hall is a kind of spaceship junkyard. Geertruidenberg, Heusden, Ravestein and Grave are all similarly situated. Likewise, American over-reaction, especially of the military variety, must be guarded against. 2. The President thanked the Prime Minister, and likewise the Ambassador. Likewise, certain sounds may evoke common feelings, says Alkon.
6. exact 54. similar 4. related RELATED in a just manner. Example: Mom was pleased with my effort. 3. So if a battle today were similarly costly, the proportional number of casualties would be 230,000. 102. 1. More Sentences: 1 2 3 When African-Americans own properties, we can do likewise. 2. 3. These were likewise destroyed. It's perfectly fine to start a sentence with likewise, just make sure you have a comma after it. Last evening in my communication class, we had some discussion.

Eddie Johnson and Othella Harrington did likewise on the lower levels. Dave signed up for the tennis tournament, so i did likewise. similarly Sentence Examples. 206. His was likewise red. But they said using likewise in a sentence anywhere is not professional or it is informal if we use likewise in a sentence. Samuel Johnson once suggested that in order that all men may be taught to speak the truth, it is necessary that all likewise should learn to hear it. Can anyone of you let me know is it correct or not with some details. 266+6 sentence examples: 1.

Another airborne bid for peace that Churchill disapproved of, likewise doomed to failure. Likewise, during the frigid eras of ice sheet advances, numerous brief episodes of extreme warming occurred. Learn more. Likewise, it is not possiblefor this information to spread from phone to phone as the connection is between phone and server and never directly between two handsets. Examples of likewise in a sentence: 1. click for more sentences of likewise: 15. likewise in a sentence - Use "likewise" in a sentence 1. likewise a proposed shopping mall got the axe from local : 6.

But I'm not convinced. Likewise, Adam and Eve, having been made by God without sin, listened to the devil and chose to sin against God. in a parallel manner. use "likewise" in a sentence Watch him and do likewise. likewise definition: 1. in the same way: 2. in the same way: 3. in the same way or manner; similarly: . Likewise for another big emerging-markets player, Lehman Brothers. Sentence examples for in a likewise manner from inspiring English sources. 93. Dad likewise expressed appreciation. English words and Examples of Usage use "likewise" in a sentence Watch him and do likewise. Likewise, if the self is not seen and accepted, then neither is the body. The old Baron, -- for of this title likewise he could boast, since he had poured a great sum into the. No, the word 'likewise' is an adverb, a word that modifies a verb, an adjective, or another adverb. In that discussion I used the word likewise in a sentence.

Likewise definition, moreover; in addition; also; too: She is likewise a fine lawyer. See more. in a likewise precipitation. in a likewise fashion. Likewise definition: You use likewise when you are comparing two methods, states , or situations and saying... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
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