no vacuum when removing gas cap

your really not supposed to open the gas cap while the engine is running.

Joined Sep 11, 2016 Messages 122 Location San Francisco, CA. Low and behold, it ran great with the cap off. Kind of like the pressure or noise that is created after the car runs and you take off the radiator fill cap although that is air pushing out. Code po442 no pressure whin take gas cap off. But lately, there is virtually no pressure or air suck noise when I take off the cap. However, there are also situations where the gas cap fits on the fuel tank just fine – but won't come off. Ask an Expert Now. Continue rotating it until the cap either "clicks" closed or otherwise refuses to move any further. I open gas cap an there's no pressure,or sucktion that suppose to be there. #1887477 05/11/10 04:39 PM: Joined: Apr 2009.

- Answered by a verified VW Mechanic . Thread starter dcx13; Start date Mar 29, 2017; Tags cap engine idle oil; dcx13 Life's too short for bad coffee. Which suggests that there is something wrong with the 1 or 2 hoses that go from the valve cover to the PCV valve and to the air intake. The check engine light should go off after you drive for several minutes if the light was caused by a loose gas cap. I need to know why my gas tank has a lot of air in it every time I open the gas cap.

My gas cap (CST 5501 safety-vent locking fuel cap, bought 2006 April 30 after somebody siphoned some gas back when it was $4/gallon) failed the leak test.

pressure is needed inside the gas tank for everything to work properly.

If this pipe becomes blocked, clear or replace it.

after a while of doing so you may get a emissions code for either a small or a large leak.

My '69 Z does it and it is a new tank with an original cap. ... built into the fuel sender unit in the tank that goes to a line that runs on the passenger side of the car and goes to vacuum canister under the hood. Few drivers ever give much thought to a device on their vehicles which they use again and again - the gas cap. No Pressure When Removing Gas Cap - Bad? Removing the cap prevents a tank vacuum, stops the car from stalling and stops pump malfunction. If the cap has a faulty valve, replace the cap. Customer reply replied 9 years ago. Guessing this isn't normal? This item is ideal for persons who have arthritis and have difficulty removing the gas cap at the gas pump. I've checked the fuel cap visually for a mis shapen seal or a crack/break of some kind but can't see anything noticable. Most gas caps have valves fitted that automatically release the vacuum at optimum pressure. What it tells you is that the vacuum lines to the Evap cannister, and the diaphragm on the cannister, and the gas cap are holding vacuum as necessary after the ECM does a purge cycle through the EGR into the intake. Today I had to have my car towed on the main road because I was … Even standard caps provide a crucial layer of protection that not only prevents your car or truck from losing gas while you're on the move, but also prevents harmful vapors from escaping your vehicle and dirtying the air around you. If it does not hold vacuum when the purge cycle occurs, you will likely get a [false] DTC32 for an EGR failure. Can this situation lead to the degradation of certain parts - like the fuel pressure regulator or fuel pump? SILVER Star. Your vehicle's fuel cap does a lot more than simply seal up the space between your gas tank and the outside world. If the cap has a faulty valve, replace the cap. Alternatively, some cars have a breather pipe fitted. Insert the gas cap into the opening of the fuel tank, then rotate it clockwise until it feels secure. Most gas caps have valves fitted that automatically release the vacuum at optimum pressure. assuming from the noise i am assuming your opening the gas cap while the engine is running. This new gas cap should twist into place just as the old one did.

If this pipe becomes blocked, clear or replace it. If your gas cap was not loose and you do not see any indications of failure, try replacing the gas cap anyways and clearing the codes. Hooked back up to the boat and made it all the way home with no problems. Alternatively, some cars have a breather pipe fitted. If it does not click in place or is loose after clicking into place the cap needs to be replaced. Engine idle drops when oil cap is removed. Gas caps are relatively inexpensive and are usually the fix for code P0455. The gas cap is vacuum sealed: The fuel tank needs to have constant pressure inside the fuel cell in order to distribute fuel to the pump and eventually to the engine. Mar 29, 2017.

I am getting a P0446. Oh and Colt, I checked the fuel pump resistance with the DMM, across the 2 terminals like the manual says, and it's at spec. I got another ECU thinking that was the problem, but same thing happens. The leaky cap has a rubber gasket outside the threads. Have Volkswagen Questions? Ontario, Canada. Customer reply replied 9 years ago.

A lot of neighbors have noted that their gas caps failed at the same place recently. I would guess that it creates more vacuum the more fuel I burn, as i've noticed that when I run the tank very low it's worse. yes pump was good yes pump was good the vac test 4 the leak d pump does that turn it on if no t how do test to make sure pump can pressurize the sys.

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