photochemical smog formation

Photochemical smog, often referred to as "summer smog", is the chemical reaction of sunlight, nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds in the atmosphere, which leaves airborne particles and ground-level ozone. Photochemical Smog. Nitric oxide combines with water vapour in the atmosphere to form nitric acid, which is one of the components of acid rain. During the pollution episode, ozone and organic carbon (OC) increased simultaneously with a strong positive correlation, which was complete opposite to the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) pattern but similar to that of VOC photochemical consumption.

The Formation of Smog Photochemical smog (or just smog for short) is a term used to describe air pollution that is a result of the interaction of sunlight with certain chemicals in the atmosphere. It is also related to the concentration of secondary pollutants (in some cases). Ozone is the main component in this type of air pollution. The formation of photochemical smog is closely related to the concentration of primary pollutants in the atmosphere. Photochemical smog is a widespread problem all over the world as air pollutants increase.
At least two distinct types of smog are recognized: sulfurous smog and photochemical smog.

Current Affairs Funda (Aptitude & LR ) 36,064 views 26:22 Photochemical smog depends on primary pollutants as well as the formation … Ozone in the stratosphere protects us against harmful ultraviolet radiation, but on the ground, it is hazardous to human health. They are called secondary pollutants because they are formed in the atmosphere as a result of reactions between certain organic compounds such as hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides. The nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons are by-products of fossil fuel-burning energy plants, and they can even come from natural processes, but the main source is the internal combustion engines in gasoline-powered automobiles. SOA formation was studied based on one heavy photochemical smog episode in summer in Shanghai. lecture of General Science - Duration: 26:22. In this lesson, we will learn about photochemical smog, a common type of pollutant. Step 1: People begin driving in the morning, nitrogen is burned or oxidized \[N_2 + O_2 \rightarrow 2NO\] Oxidation number of N 2 is 0. This smog can cause a lot of adverse effects on humans and other living organisms. Smog is formed when pollutants are released into the atmosphere from sources such as the burning of fossil fuels in cars, power plants and local industries.

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read) The combination of sunlight with nitrogen oxides and other compounds in the atmosphere creates photochemical smog.

The presence of VOCs in the atmosphere plays an important role in the formation of ground level ozone, photochemical oxidants, and smog episodes; and they are harmful to the ecosystem. Step 1: People begin driving in the morning, nitrogen is burned or oxidized \[N_2 + O_2 \rightarrow 2NO\] Oxidation number of N 2 is 0. Photochemical Smog (Air Pollution) + Related Situation of DELHI most imp. Smog, community-wide polluted air. Step 2: After a few hours, NO combines with O 2, in another oxidation reaction \[2NO + O_2 \rightarrow 2NO_2\] The nitrogen in NO has an oxidation number of +2. Ground-level ozone, the main component of photochemical smog, is harmful to living organisms because it reacts with and alters, or destroys, other molecules, according to the EPA. The nitrogen in NO has acquired an oxidation number of +2.

Students can learn more about photochemical smog and its formation … This can seem a little confusing, because Los Angeles, infamous for for its smog, is hardly known for foggy weather. One of the primary components of photochemical smog is ozone .

Photochemical smog is formed when sunlight interacts with certain chemicals in the atmosphere. Formation And Composition Of Photochemical Smog When combined with sunlight, these pollutants and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) become harmful to human health, causing damage to lung tissue and hearts, as well as increased instances and flare-ups of asthma and bronchial infections. …photochemical oxidants, which make up photochemical smog.
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