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Henry Barakat, 1960.

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TV Episode (23) Feature Film (18) Short Film (5) Documentary (20) Drama (19) Crime (12) Thriller (12) Mystery (11) News (11) War (11) Talk-Show (8) Short (5) Biography (3) Comedy (2) Music (2) Action (1) Adventure (1) Animation (1) Romance (1) Syrian Civil War.

Critic Reviews for In Syria (Insyriated) All Critics (44) | Top Critics (10) | Fresh (39) | Rotten (5) Chamber drama doesn't begin to describe this gripping French feature. The life is different worker from many community level with their own problem, like they are born from the Flank. Stars: Toni Mousa, Hussam Salama, Kosai Khauli, Sulaf Fawakhrji. It is describe the life of Syrian citizen, and the pain in their own life.

The Call of the Nightingale (Doa al-Karawan): 'humane and beautifully made'.



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