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4. As mentioned above, flat is synonymous with matte. However, compared to a flat finish, matte finish has a higher percentage of gloss. The basic difference between each finish is the way in which light is reflected off of it.

3. So most paint companies use these two words interchangeably. In addition, matte paints are the least durable and are the hardest to clean. One isn’t necessarily more durable than the next. What is Flat/Matte. The terms "matte" and "flat" are often used interchangeably. Even though the matte finish has little or medium gloss in it, it can also hide the imperfections of the walls. Matte and flat paint finish have more pigment and often provide more coverage, which can save you money. The difference between matte finishes and high-gloss is night and day. Matte finishes offer nearly zero reflectivity, while high-gloss is the highest light reflection available when it comes to sheen. Note that matte is also sometimes written as matt, but there is no difference between these two spellings. Recommendation – High-gloss paint; Other Paint Finish Considerations. In this article, we shall highlight the difference between flat and matte paint finishes. The finish of your paint can affect the way the color appears when it is applied, as well as the paint’s durability. Summary. Although there might be little variations in terms of the gloss percentage present in the matte finish of different companies, the gloss percentage is usually low in these types of paint. What’s the difference between matte, satin, semi-gloss and high-gloss polyurethane finishes? Where to Use Flat/Matte Finish. Requirements – Durable paint that is easy to clean and helps windows pop. However, there are some differences to consider when choosing between these finishes. Recommendation – Flat or matte finish; Interior Trim.

Though you may not think of difference between these paint sheens, the fact is that one coat more or less than it is necessary to achieve the perfect paint finish can make the difference between loving or hating the paint job itself.



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