should a boss be friends with employees

Managing employees isn’t easy, especially when the ink may still be drying on your promotion, but striking just the right interpersonal chord with your staff is crucial for both your fulfillment and theirs.. You want your employees to like you, but also respect you.

When a manager’s friend gets a raise or promotion, coworkers are bound to question whether that move was out of merit or loyalty. On one hand, you should avoid extremely close personal friendships with employees, but on the other, you need to let them know you care about them as individuals, not just as workers. The HR function is inherently human and it can be hard to avoid a more personal relationship with coworkers. And then they will fire you for being stupid. Otherwise, employment should remain a business relationship always to be conducted at arm’s length. It’s an interesting question, and there are several reasons the answer to this dilemma is important, according to Jennifer. You want to stand with them, but also have them know where you stand. I don’t believe anyone should have to give gifts to their boss, so please put any gift-giving impulses toward family and friends instead.” But if you do receive a gift from an employee despite this, it’s okay to accept it graciously as long as it’s not extravagantly expensive. Your boss will see you only as a mistress. Your friends will always comment with sexual innuendo. 15. These professionals share where they draw the line between friendly and professional relationships. Should HR be friends with employees? After all, how would he or she be able to dole out orders if there wasn’t the boss/employee wall separating the two, was the common thinking. This dynamic can breed rumors and resentment and create a potentially toxic culture. In Review – Should You Be Friends with Your Employees? If you are a boss or manager, it’s all about balance when it comes to becoming friends with your employees. Certainly bosses and employees should be friendly with each other, if nothing else to accomplish their goals. Rewind a decade and HR professionals would cringe at the thought of a manager being friends with his or her employees. 16 Reasons You Should Never Add Your Boss On Facebook. Can you be friends with your employees, and still be a successful leader? 16. Even if a boss believes that they are able to set personal feelings aside, there is often a perception problem among other employees.



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