solidworks edit decal
To project a decal on your SolidWorks model you’ll need to enable PhotoView 360. This article focuses on the steps to insert an image as a SOLIDWORKS decal: Go to View> Hide/Show to make sure you have chosen to show Decals. In today’s video I will show you how you can project a decal (like a picture) on your 3D model in SolidWorks. Go to Decal icon, right click below the Open Decal Library and select Add Decal. Browse to use your image file (jpg, png, bmp, etc) Switching to the mapping tab in the decal property manager and select a face(s) to apply the decal too. 4. I figure out the problem is. When applying decals, I like to do so at the part level because you have more control over how the decal is applied. Hawk Ridge Systems 6,576 views 2. In this example we will place an image of an iPhone display on an iPhone in SolidWorks. Click on the face of the door, the image is on the door. Version: SOLIDWORKS 2018 SP05 To disable Web help from within SOLIDWORKS and use local help instead, click Help > Use SOLIDWORKS Web Help. SOLIDWORKS - Showing Decals in Drawing Views using a Non-shaded Display Style - Duration: 4:06. Right-click in the DisplayManager and click Add Decals. 1. In the DisplayManager, click View Decals. Step 2: Browse for the picture that you want to place on the surface of your part. Versions: This happened in 2015 and 2016. As we noted earlier, the only way to see the decal is with Shaded with Edges (or just Shaded) chosen as the overall display style. In the property manager for the view that you want the decal to display on, choose the new Display State that was created which overrode the default display style. Please … Or you could edit the image, make the section you don't want transparent, save as a png & use the Decal image alpha channel option. Image mask requires a second black & white image with the triangle you want to keep in white & the rest black (this can be the other way around as the mask can be inverted with a check box). 2. Drag the slider to the right to increase the level of detail of your 3D model. First start by clicking on photoview 360, and clicking on Edit Decal. 1. Step 4: How to insert a decals in Solidworks? Pull down the PhotoView 360 menu. Size the decal to a desired size. Check mark to accept. 5. Browse for the image file. Here's a quick tip on … In the Decals Property Manager, click the Browse button under Image file path. This is how to increase the image quality in SolidWorks: Just go to Tools > Options > Document properties > Image quality. Steps taken to resolve to date: I worked through the issue with out VAR who, captured and escalated the issue to Dassault. In View Decals tab, right-click to Add Decal. Step 3: If the background of image is one solid color, you can make it transparent by clicking "Selective Color mask," and taking the eye dropper to the color you want GONE. Under Mask Image, click to No Mask in normal case.
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