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This becomes a Chekhov's Gun when Max has to perform a transfusion for Furiosa. You are Angharad. 101 93 3. Bane Meets Immortan Joe Crossover Mask . Called ‘Splendid’ only by her captor, Immortan Joe, Angharad was considered the favorite of the five wives. by EmmJ Jul 27, 2015 . After being taken by Furiosa, she is first seen washing herself down with the rest of the wives (~33 minutes). So of course his wives were like "let's get the eff outta here and away from this d-bag! Created by Marina Morais. Why do you hate Immortan Joe the most? Because he makes innocent men do bad things unknowingly. Spoilers from comics and artbook. Despite being the only one wearing a full dress, it is soaked so her belly can be seen clearly through it in the first scene,… Immortan's Joe seems to have had two sons, and both were 'defective' in some way. Which of Immortan Joe's wives are you? Called ‘Splendid’ only by her captor, Immortan Joe, Angharad was considered the favorite of the five wives. You are Angharad. She lead and cared for the other women, giving them strength through the mantra: “We are not things”. Immortan Joe was originally an average man with a military background; however, after his successes in combat he gained the title of Immortan Joe and became a ruthless ruler. ", which, of course, puts a weak point on his plan to have babies with (at least one of) them ladies. Rage the Keeper [Mad Max fanfiction] 2.Immortan Joe and his wives. Corpus Colossus was physically weak and had stunted growth, while Rictus Erectus was a giant of a man but mentally like a small child. 7.The death of the Bullet Farmer. We meet the wives of Joe only as the heroic Furiosa drives them through the desert in a rush to escape the War Boys and the rest of the unique-looking comrades of the great Lord. LolaSeaward ~Your POV~ 3.What a lovely day. Because he takes babies from their mothers.

5.ANGHARAD!! 77 81 2. Spoilers from comics and artbook. The People Eater is a major antagonist in Mad Max: Fury Road. PREGNANCY: One of Immortan Joe’s wives, Splendid Angharad, is pregnant. Imperator Furiosa One of Immortan Joe's most trusted warriors, Furiosa escaped to return where she once lived. Immortan Joe was all stick (no pun intended x.x) and no carrot. Because he takes babies from their mothers. One could definitely say that when Immortan Joe found out his wives were high-tailing it straight out of the city he was a little peeved. Why do you hate Immortan Joe the most? For an antagonist who viewed humans as objects, a means to an end, why did Immortan Joe seemed to be okay with his wives getting some sort of education? Imperator Furiosa Skull Belt . 8.The Vuvalini. He is the Mayor of Gas Town, and alongside his allies Immortan Joe and the Bullet Farmer, he serves as the third warlord of the Wasteland. He was portrayed by John Howard. Mad Max Fury Road Skull Gearshift Remixes . She lead and cared for the other women, giving them strength through the mantra: “We are not things”. I'd prefer a story with sexual tone, but if you have something else in mind, feel free to do that. When Furiosa (Charlize Theron) rescues Joe's "wives," this leads to an epic chase across the desert, with Tom Hardy's Max getting caught in the middle. Cheedo the Fragile was the youngest of Immortan Joe's wives and still a virgin.
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