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Being the largest district in Pahang, it bounds the northern states of Kelantan and Terengganu, in the south, Temerloh District and Maran District, in the west, Lipis District and Raub District and in the east, Kuantan District.

Getting to Taman Negara is a bit of a case of planes, trains and automobiles.

It is famous for its rainforest, birds, and insects.
The journey from Kuantan by car or public transport takes about 3 to 4 hours. If you are feeling adventurous, you can get off at tiny Mela and catch a taxi to Kuala Tembeling. Looking for hotels near Taman Negara National Park in Kuantan, ? Taman Negara National Park: Get off the train at Jerantut where there is transport to Kuala Tembeling for the boat to the park, or directly to Kuala Tahan opposite the Taman Negara National Park headquarters. Taman Negara - Malay for "national park" - is the largest national park in Peninsular Malaysia. Book your next Taman Negara National Park, Kuantan vacation today! For those bus lovers, and must travel by public bus, the only way is to take an express bus to Jerantut and then take the local bus to Kuala Tahan. Taman Negara Bus Service - There are buses that go to Taman Negara National Park but the only public bus is from the town of Jerantut to Taman Negara, which is three times a day. It has a restaurant and provides a wide range of adventure activities. It is the largest national park in Peninsular Malaysia and known to be the world's oldest tropical rainforest. Free WiFi is offered at the restaurant. The journey for Cameron Highlands to Taman Negara has two portions, namely the land journey and river journey. Pahang National Park, Kuala Tahan How To Get There. The Mutiara Taman Negara Resort has a superb rainforest setting overlooking the Tembeling and Tahan rivers.

The nearest town is Jerantut, Pahang.

The closest sizeable town is Jeruntut, which is connected to Kuala Lumpur and other regional destinations by bus. Taman Negara is nestled between 3 states in Malaysia, namely largest in Pahang which cover an area of 2,477km2, Kelantan (1,043km2) and Terengganu (853km2), with a total area of 4,343km2. Taman Negara has an elevation of 247 meters. Find the best deals on Taman Negara National Park vacation packages, backed by our … Located in Taman Negara – Pahang’s rainforest sanctuary, Mutiara Taman Negara Resort features air-conditioned accommodations with a terrace, offering Tembeling River or jungle views. Free cancellation available for most hotels, including our daily Hot Rate deals up to 60% off! From Jerantut, visitors can either take a bus or taxi to the Jeti Kuala Tembeling, which is about 16 km from Jerantut.
It is a village, called Kuala Tahan, located at Tembeling and Tahan rivers confluence. Taman Negara Tourist Information Center: 6-min walk, 0.3 mi/0.5 km Bukit Kuantan: 70-min drive, 41.5 mi/66.7 km Paya Buaya: 87-min drive, 52.7 mi/84.8 km The Jerantut District is a district in north-eastern Pahang, Malaysia.Jerantut is home to the National Park.. The land journey takes about 5.5 hours by bus from Cameron Highlands to Kuala Tembeling and river journey takes about 3 hours by boat from Kuala Tembeling to Taman Negara,depending on the weather and tidal condition. From there, you can penetrate deeper and deeper into the jeep jungle, by jungle trails or by boat on the rivers. Being the only Resort inside the National Park boundary, it is an ideal place from which to explore the surrounding area. Taman Negara in Pahang has its starting point, a „base camp” for exploring this part of the national park.



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