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Pirelli will nominate 3 different compounds of slick tyres to bring to each race. IndyCar announces calendar changes for 2020 season. The meeting follows the Grand Prix Drivers' Association meeting recently in Brazil, when the drivers complained directly to Pirelli that the current tyres do not allow them to attack in the races.
Formula One qualifying and practice rules Andrew McDermott | 25.01.2018 To give our readers a comprehensive overview of the latest F1 rules, we have interviewed an expert in the field. The numerous Formula One regulations, made and enforced by the FIA and later the FISA, have changed dramatically since the first Formula One World Championship in 1950.

Formula One tyres play a significant role in the performance of a Formula One car. Pirelli is the official tyre supplier of Formula 1 and will be until at least 2023.

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Latest. This article covers the current state of F1 technical and sporting regulations, as well as the history of the technical regulations since 1950. For 2019 there are only five F1 tyre compounds hiding behind three colors – sounds simple?

Continuing the example, ‘Driver X’ has the following tyres remaining after FP2: Hard (x2) Medium (x4) Soft (x3) Free Practice Three: Two sets of tyres will be handed back to Pirelli at the end of FP3.

But with the regulations ever-changing to liven up, and in this case simplify the spectacle for a new generation of viewers, changes have been made to the most vital of areas.

In order to ensure the top ten cars all set a lap time in Q3, they are allocated a set of the softest tires for free use in the final part of qualifying, with their Q2 tire mandatory for the start of the race.

Lando Norris: Being teammates with Sainz was ‘a pleasure’ 2 weeks ago. Raikkonen's McLaren crashed out after a worn tyre caused suspension failure.

Each team will have 13 sets of dry tyres for the race weekend.

But despite large swathes of rule stability this season, there have still been some subtle tweaks to the regulations over the winter. 4 days ago. F1 to hold two Grands Prix at Silverstone this summer.

But there is more to it than meets the eye.

Those for 2019 may not be the wholescale changes due for 2021 – all aimed at making F1 racing even more competitive - but they are laying the all-important groundwork. All Drivers Hall of Fame . The 2018 Formula 1 season features plenty of new regulations and rules.
Some will be obvious – the cars will look noticeably different – but others are subtler, though no less notable. Here’s what to look out for in 2020. F1 explained: a beginner’s guide to tyres . Of the 13 sets, two sets of tyres are chosen by Pirelli to be reserved for the race.

2016 F1 Tyre Rules Explained (with help from Pirelli) 4 years ago. …

A key sticking point concerns the how teams would manage their tyre allocations if faced with an extra qualifying session.

2 weeks ago. Drivers. A new year means new rules. 1 week ago. In 2016 new tyre rules were introduced.

David Coulthard has labelled Formula One's tyre rules as "dangerous" after the late crash which denied Kimi Raikkonen victory at the European GP.

Two sets of tyres will be handed back to Pirelli at the end of FP2.

F1 asks teams to help plan new Q4 tyre rules for 2020 . 2019 Season Driver Standings Constructor Standings Archive 1950-2019 F1 Awards .

Teams may not return any of the three sets dedicated by Pirelli.

A key sticking point concerns the how teams would manage their tyre allocations if faced with an extra qualifying session. The sport s governing body has asked F1 teams to run simulations to assist it with framing the rules around the new Q4 session which has been under discussion since last year. Toggle Navigation> Login/Register User Options. The sport’s governing body has asked F1 teams to run simulations to assist it with framing the rules around the new ‘Q4’ session, which has been under discussion since last year.

Abiteboul hints Ricciardo’s confidence in Renault had faded. Latest.
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