totalitarian in a sentence

Examples of totalitarian in a sentence: 1. totalitarianists. totalisator. Show More Sentences Like all corporations, media companies are essentially totalitarian institutions subject to a strict, top-down hierarchy of control. totalitarian Sentence Examples. totalitarian. Totalitarian in a sentence. 1 Suburban thinking was in vogue, but totalitarianism was better. 3. An adherent of totalitarian principles or totalitarian government. Characterized by a government in which the political authority exercises absolute and centralized control. 2. Totalitarian in a sentence (1) The transition from a totalitarian state to a free country will be long and slow. totalistic. Any type of State that sanctions, encourages, demands, propagandizes patriotism is totalitarianism. The Russians tried to export Totalitarianism under the guise of politically brainwashing fervent haters of Capitalism with its glib bullshit phrases. totalisators. 2 It stood in contrast to the totalitarianism gathering pace under Lenin and Trotsky which accelerated out … Their totalitarian training has made them inflexible in their thinking, besides they have their hands full trying to keep up in their own fields. Totalitarianism has led to labour camps, oppression, murder, censorship, and aggressive war. Totalitarianism in a sentence Similar words: militarism, Italian, totally, organism, mechanism, military, the proletariat, mortality. associated with a system of governance in which the government controls everything. The counterpart is used only in totalitarian states or military dictatorships. totalism. (2) The old corrupt, totalitarian regime was overthrown. The totalitarian war and after; personal recollections and political considerations. 1.

Definition of Totalitarian. Totalitarian means relating to a government where the ruler or ruling group has complete control. An example of totalitarian used as an adjective is in the phrase "totalitarian regime" which means a rule where the ruler has total authority over everyone. totalitarianism. totalities. 2.

(3) In totalitarian societies, art exists for didactic purposes. totalitarians. totalitarianist. It is also, however, an approach that can be, and has been, misused by totalitarian …
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