what are my rights and obligations within marriage and registered partnership
What are my rights and obligations within marriage and registered partnership? Please see Government.nl for more information. If you are not 100% sure that your partnership is registed with the Secretary of State of California, please double-check, otherwise you may not be covered by the “rights and privileges” that you think you are. Being married or in a registered partnership entails certain rights and obligations. Question and answer Marriage, cohabitation agreement, registered partnership. The relationship of partners among themselves, their rights and obligations are generally given in the partnership deed. In order to be considered registered and to receive all of the rights and responsibilities of marriage in California, you must have registered with the secretary of state of California. You and your partner will then have certain rights and obligations towards each other. Being married or in a registered partnership entails certain rights and obligations. You can make your relationship official by marrying or entering into a registered partnership. Use of each other’s … Alternatively, you can have a cohabitation agreement drawn up to arrange, for example, how possessions and costs are divided between you.

If partnership deed is silent about it, then the partners shall have rights and obligations mentioned in the Partnership Act. These include maintenance and rights of inheritance.
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