what does face stand for in music

0 0 0. Regrettably, the documentary records don't point to any clear source for the phrase and we are, as so often, at the mercy of plausible speculation. What Does Face Stand For. like EGBDF = every good boy deserves fugde .

1 decade ago. Log in to reply to the answers Post; diffendal. It doesn't expand to a full sentence because it already spells an actual word, whereas EGBDF is just complete nonsense outside of music and as such, by itself, has no mnemonic value. What does face the music … This works great for beginners. Log … Updated May 2020. What does face the music expression mean?

But if you really want to make a sentence for FACE, if that would help you any, there's nothing to prevent you from doing so. Answer Save. Mnemonic Device: FACE; Explanation: indicates the notes in the spaces on the Treble Clef from the bottom to the top (F, A, C, E). F A C E spells FACE . Top EGBDF abbreviation meaning: Elvis's Guitar Broke Down Friday face the music definition: 1. to accept criticism or punishment for something you have done 2. to accept criticism or…. Also known as: Smiley Face, Happy Face, "OMG My Braces Are Finally Off" Face.

Source(s): https://shrinke.im/a9nKs. List of 18 EGBDF definitions. "Face the music" is an English idiom describing somebody who has to deal with negative reactions to and consequences of something that he or she has done. 6 Answers. face the music phrase.

Learn more. Relevance. 0 1 1. The phrase 'face the music' has an agreeable imagery. Favorite Answer. Lv 4. What does EGBDF stand for? More Mnemonics for Music. Another way in which the phrase is used is to describe someone who must take on a difficult situation. 3 years ago. Anonymous. The origins for this phrase, as with many idioms, are difficult to pin down. Thank you ! FACE stands for the notes on the spaces of the treble clef.

In music we are asked to give teh acronime for FACE . Forever Angels Call Eternity - or, Fat Albert Can Eat. We feel that we can picture who was facing what and what music was playing at the time. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Definition of face the music in the Idioms Dictionary.



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