why are javan rhinos important

Help save Rhino of South Africa. More recently, and particularly among the middle and upper classes of Vietnam, the purchase of rhino horn signifies someone’s wealth and … Vietnam: the Javan rhino was confirmed extinct from the Cat Loc part of the Cat Tien National Park, Vietnam in October 2011. Rhinos are all grey, but the shape of their mouths tells a difference between the two rhinos. The last remaining population of Javan rhinos are now only found in one protected area, Ujung Kulon National Park on the island of Java. Rhinos are interesting and beautiful creatures. Don’t let their size impress you.

Sumatran rhinos are found in Sumatra, with a few individuals remaining in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Why Rhinos are critical to African ecosystems. The last few Javan rhinos in Vietnam were very small, no more than 1.2 metres at the shoulder, and probably of similar weight to a Sumatran rhino, less than 800 kg

Take away the rhinos from the landscape and, according to this research, the landscape will suffer. TOURISM – The rhino is one of Africa’s iconic animals and the rarest and most threatened... Continue Reading Save Rhino ? Rhino are an umbrella species – Protect the rhino, and you protect all the other species that share their habitat. Rhinos are one of the great elders of the animal kingdom. They are docile enough not to care about almost anything around them. Ancient bushman rock paintings in Southern Africa depict rhinos, which have always played an important role in the circle of life. In Vietnam, rhino horns are extremely valuable not only because of the social status that is associated with them, but because of the role they have played within traditional medicine. That is why generations of wealthy and powerful people wanted to possess and consume their horns.

There are a lot of reasons that we, the Javan Rhinos, are critically endangered. Their size and strengh gives them an edge over other predators (except man). These types include: The Asian One-Horned Rhino, The White Rhino, The Black Rhino, The Javan Rhino, and the Sumatran Rhino There are 5 remaining species of rhino left - the Sumatran, White … Rhinos affect grasslands, which are important to the entire globe.

why is it important to save the javan rhino from becoming extinct? There is a major difference between a black and a white rhino. Asian rhinos love being … There are five rhino species surviving today – Black, White, Greater One-Horned (or Indian), Javan and Sumatran, and several sub-species within these groups.. There are 5,055 black rhinos, fewer than 100 Sumatran rhinos …



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