why is it important to have friends at work

Here are some essays on Importance of Friends in our Life of varying lengths. Friends give us emotional support, they help us during difficult times and make us feel special. 3. This is mostly because you have people that motivate you (or at least make you feel comfortable) helping you out on a daily basis. Why Having Friends At Work Is Important 1.

In fact, it makes you seven times more likely to be engaged in your job . 74% of women said the same.
1. 4. At that point, it was no longer nearly as beneficial to have a best friend at work. Why Your Boss Should Care About How Many Friends You Have At Work Friendships are the secret to employee engagement. Because the social aspect of work is so important to women, we also conducted a study comparing the behaviors and attitudes of women who strongly agree they have a best friend at work … 58% of men would refuse a higher paying job if it meant not getting along with coworkers. Having friends at work helps you develop more as a person and a professional. The benefits of building and maintaining friendships at work will have you adding to the already 56 percent of workers say they have good friends at work. What’s more, friendships help us grow through each year of our lives. Benefit from 137% more personal development support.

But friendship is as important to our wellbeing as eating right and exercising. Having friends at work is not only key to your personal happiness, but it's vital for having a successful career. Havings Friends At Work Is Better For Personal Development.
If you’re not close with anyone at work, it would make all of that time intolerable. You see your co-workers more than you see your partner and family. You spend a lot of time at work. They're 1.3 times more likely to receive feedback on their progress in the last 6 months. Good friends help, guide and support us at every stage. Blessed are those who have true friends in life. This is why as a lesson for leaders, you have to realize that your team having a best friend at work is a double-edged sword; when things are good, it can boost morale, increase productivity, and help you retain good people. 70% of employees say friends at work is the most crucial element to a happy working life. FRIENDS AT WORK THE IMPORTANCE OF HAVING 2. Having close friends at work will make you like the company you work for more. This is important for businesses as 91 percent of employees who did not socialize in the workplace were found to lack engagement in their work. Here's why it is an important part of our lives While most people may believe that you shouldn't form bonds at work, it may be just what you need to … "Make friends" isn’t just something we tell our kids to do on the first day of school — positive friendships are important for adults, too. There are many benefits of having friends in the workplace; here are just seven of the reasons why you need to make friends at work. It is as important to have friends as it is to have a family. Face it—most of your waking hours are spent at work! The study revealed that nearly 1 in 10 people have no friends at work, and more than half have five or fewer. Friends can challenge us, confuse us, and sometimes, we might wonder why we bother. 7.



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