work orientation inventory

The Hall Occupational Orientation Inventory (HALL), first published in 1968, was developed by Lacy G. Hall to provide a more complete assessment of work-related personality variables than do the extant standardized interest inventories. Fourteen presumed measures of career orientation as well as Super's Work Values Inventory were administered to college women. The individuals’ motivational orientation to work was found to be associated with their attitude towards money. The name of this sociological subfield is new, but the general area is not. Analysis of the relationships among these variables identified two relatively independent clusters. The first cluster most closely approximated the usual definition of career orientation.


The sociology of work emerged as a specialty area in the 1980s, when the American Sociological Association prepared a compendium of course syllabi for the area and a number of textbooks appeared. Work Orientation (Wo) and Managerial Potential (Mp) are two special purpose scales designed for the California Personality Inventory (CPI) to assess personality characteristics believed to be associated with desirable work performance behaviors and characteristics.

The Work Preference Inventory (WPI), the Love of Money Scale (LOMS) and a socio-demographic questionnaire were applied. Adding to this complicated picture are other constructs that are thought to include MW as a component. Hall based the development of this inventory on the humanistic personality need theory elaborated by Abraham Maslow and adapted by Anne Roe, … Little research is currently available to examine the validity of these two scales. Career Values Scale. (1985). The data was examined using descriptive statistics, correlations, factor analysis and cluster analysis and comparisons. Our study considers the model of work orientation presented by Bellah et al.

identity, work centrality, work values, intrinsic work orientation, spirituality, good pay, and reputa-tion. This model assumes that there are three types of work orientation: calling, career, and job. In career development workshops and counselling, one thing is constant; people who are most satisfied with their work or jobs are in careers where most of their values are being met.

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