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Zwift today released a welcome update to its Zwift Companion App and changed the name from Zwift Mobile Link (ZML) to Zwift Companion App. APPLE WATCH With access to Apple Health, Zwift Companion for your Apple Watch may be used to read your heart rate data live into Zwift and save an activity into the Apple Health ecosystem. ZWIFTERS NEARBY Scroll up or down to see everyone on course in front or behind you. Hello, I'm racing using an Apple Watch, connected to Apple TV through the companion app. There are various ways around it, but if you’re running up against that limit the simplest (and cheapest) solution is to just use Zwift Companion. Make the sure Companion app is on the Apple Watch. Open the Zwift app on your Apple Watch. Forgot to grab a water bottle? If the Apple Watch doesn't launch the Watch Companion app automatically when you launch the Companion app on the iPhone, just open up the Companion app on the Watch. For more than 2 you need to connect through the companion app.

If you are still unable to launch Zwift after trying these solutions, contact support. The new workout screen includes the following: Pause workout: need a restroom break? Reboot your device. Zwift is a digital destination for people who love riding bikes We took the boring indoor cycling routine and GAME-IFIED it, transforming your monotonous indoor … Companion para Android: Companion para iPhone, iPad e Apple Watch… This is expected. Zwift race results and statistics.

However, when I say fine, what I really mean is that sometimes it worked and other times it was a pain and eventually I found a cheap HR monitor on eBay, The companion app is available only for your iPhone or Android phone. I use an iPad rather than Apple TV so have never seen these issues, GP Lama did a YouTube video on that limitation this week. The Apple Watch will show up under the Heart Rate menu on the pairing screen in game. The “Zwift Mobile Link” app for iOS and Android has been renamed “ Zwift Companion ” and given a major upgrade in its ability to interact with workouts.

The settings on your laptop or device (must be on the same wifi as you iphone) will then allow you to choose the Apple Watch for HR. This isn’t a limit from Zwift, but from Apple. The two connection limit is one of the hassles which AppleTV users have to put up with.

Uninstall and reinstall the Zwift app. Apple Watch -> companion app -> Zwift . It will say Zwift in the top-right and unpaired at the bottom of the Watch screen. Apple's updates contain software that is crucial to the operation of your devices: Update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch Update your Apple Watch Your Apple Watch activity data is synced regularly from Apple Watch to the companion Activity app. It worked fine for me by getting the HR through the Zwift companion app. If Zwift crashes before it reaches the main pairing or join screens, try each of these solutions: Make sure your Zwift game is updated as well as your operating system (OS). The issue may be with Apple TV, it can only handle 2 Bluetooth connections with Zwift. Search under the Heart Rate menu on the pairing screen in game. Crashes While Launching Zwift.

Pause your workout, do what you need, then hop back on.

The Zwift Companion app is a useful tool to run along Zwift and gives you a quick access and controls to some aspect of the game. Para os utilizadores da app Companion em Android, a diferença está no posicionamento do Menu.

Your Apple Watch content backs up automatically to your companion iPhone also.



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