Let men change theirs | Jill Filipovic | Opinion", "The tragic irony of feminists trashing each other | Jill Filipovic | Opinion", "Jill Filipovic, Ty McCormick – The New York Times", "In What City Did You Honeymoon? [51][52], One's mother's maiden name has been a common security question in American banking since at least the 1980s.[53]. Due to increasing security and identification needs, even where it is legal, the changing one's name without a legal procedure is now rarely accepted except (especially for women) at marriage. You can use the name … In my own family, there is a middle name used for men that I have traced back to the maiden name of a distant great-grandmother born in the early 1700s. Maiden name definition: A married woman's maiden name is her parents ' surname, which she used before she got... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples She may elect to retain her own surname or she may adopt the surname of her husband. Part 3. And other monstrously stupid bank security questions", "La superación de la incapacidad de gestionar el propio patrimonio por parte de la mujer casada", "Cresce número de casadas que rejeitam o sobrenome do parceiro", http://www.bmeia.gv.at/en/embassy/london/practical-advice/consular-services/change-of-name.html, "Déclaration de choix de nom – Consulat général de France à Toronto", "Should women change their names after marriage? … Lancashire had the highest population of Maiden families in 1891. However, all over the world, in different cultures, the concept of a maiden name is only associated with the wife. [17], In the lowlands of Scotland in the 16th century, married women did not change their surnames, but today it is common practice to do so.[18]. Source(s): male equivalent female maiden name: https://biturl.im/7eIUJ The Maiden family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. Source(s): male equivalent female maiden name: https://biturl.im/7eIUJ. keep her middle name (maternal surname) and add her husband's surname to the maiden name (e.g. As a result, forms asking for the family name (nom de famille) do so on two lines ("1ère partie: ..... ", "2e partie: ....")[60], In Germany, since 1977, a woman may adopt her husband's surname or a man may adopt his wife's surname. On 4 December 2009, the Conseil d'État ruled that a space can be used instead of the double dash. There is no concept for a maiden name for a man. And I have a middle name -- Murray -- that I was given at birth, 35 years ago. Isabella F. Garcia-Dimaculangan). Why should women change their names on getting married? [10], This process is expedited for newly married persons in that their marriage certificate, in combination with identification using their married name, is usually accepted as evidence of the change, due to the widespread custom, but the process still requires approaching every contact who uses the old name and asking them to use the new. And Japan is one of the most sexist cultures you'll come across...I doubt any 'geisha girls' are giving their mates their last names. Krupa v. Green, 177 N.E.2d 616 (Ohio 1961), the Ohio appellate court allowed a married woman to register to vote in her birth name which she had openly and solely used, and been well known to use, before her marriage, and held that she could use that name as a candidate for public office. How to use maiden name in a sentence. As with the tip above, this is only a clue. [67], Before the birth or adoption of a first child, married parents may choose the child's surname (mother's or father's but not both). An older scheme based on Spanish naming customs add the particle de ("of") between the maiden and married surnames (e.g. The wife... maintains her family name that was called by." maiden name definition: 1. It means a man’s name before marriage. For example, if a man’s surname is Murphy and gets married to a woman whose surname is Powers. Non-Italian citizens getting married in Italy will not have their surname changed in Italy. Learn more. Wives usually assume the family name of their spouse, although there is a recent trend of women keeping their maiden names.